Diversifying America

Why is it that if you originated from Africa you are an African-American and if you originated from Mexico or below you are a Latino-American. But if you originated from Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, Britain, etc.. you are white? I am sick of politicians and political correctness dividing us by color. When you do that it makes it harder to unite. The goal of dividing people by color is so you can ascertain that people will vote for your party soley on “what party other people of the same color are voting for.” This is opportunism at its worst. The reason we don’t have a secure southern border is because politicians look at the fastest growing minority and they see “hispanic” and don’t want to offend them by securing our border like every other country on the face of this earth does. America is being divided into groups and the politicians and the media are encouraging people to identifiy themselves more so with their country of origin rather than with the country they currently call home.  It is almost a way to say “Hey look at me! I am not a racist! I think white people are evil and minorities should feel proud about being non-white!” This is a suicidal policy. We do not need to become like Iraq and end up dividing our country by sections based on cultural beliefs. Being American is not about still being Mexican, Italian, etc..  with American citizen benefits. It is about being American first and foremost, while still holding on to the traditions of our cultures.

It seems like our current roster of politicians have forgotten this and will do anything to put down “whites” so to alienate the minorities to make it feel they are not true Americans because of white oppression.  No one is oppressing. If anything our politicians are oppressing minorities by encouraging them to feel like outsiders with American citizenship so that way they seek each other for group comfort and all vote the same way. This whole racial division thing is disgusting and will ultimately serve to destroy our nation. Do not call me an Italian-American, Irish-American, German-American… call me an American. Yes my genes show that i am from another country but so what. Do not attach a prefix to my Americanism that makes me feel like a sub-citizen. It is time for all Americans, especially African-Americans and Latino-Americans, to finally demand to be called “Americans.” United we stand, divided we fall. This saying is timeless, and I only hope it will perservere through time.

The Democrats seem to always be playing race-based politics. Isn’t it ironic that they wanted slaves to be counted in the population as a full person so they would have more power in the House and at the present time they want minorities once more to feel like they are outside of the prism of American citizenship.  It is almost to say that in essence they never really want our nations minorities or immigrants to feel like they are Americans. No, because if they become attached to this country, become attached to being an American… they might actually vote for what is best for this country and not vote for what is best for their perceived racial self-interests.

The Democrats have and always will be the party of racial discrimination.  Perhaps it is in their historical nature.  The Republicans, albeit to their disadvantage, try to adhere to a policy of “we are all Americans.” Sadly that will not suffice when it comes to election day, and thus the democrats will always play racial politics.  Perhaps someday, under a leader with unitary vision like Lincoln or Reagan, can we once again become a nation united for the good of the country.  JFK said “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”  It is amazing how far Democrats have strayed from that aspiration.  Some Republicans too are guilty for adhering to racial politics and hopefully they will be voted out.  When we all start to wave the American flag in our hands with our cultural flags on our shirts, as opposed to the vice versa, will we achieve the unity that was destined for our nation. Only once we finally have a true uniter, will we ever be on the path to becoming greater than what we have currently become.  Since this is still America, I will always have hope.