US National Debt

So I got up for work this morning and while I was driving through the ghetto for a long hard day at the old grind and I was listening to my local radio shows, when I heard some disturbing misconceptions bye a bunch of uneducated liberal idiots. Of course the subject was the growing US nation debt which has recently grew to over 9.5 Trillion Dollars! And so they opened the lines to calls…the idiots that called in all agreed WE SHOULD RAISE TAXES! But of course I said to myself “Wow what a bunch of idiots” don’t they realize that with the current tax system the US gov’t has raised record revenue this year? It’s not the fact that we don’t raise enough money, but it’s because we spend it so liberally. The lower our governments tax, the more money we have been making, then why does the messiah Obama want to raise taxes on the rich? It’s not because the gov’t needs the money, but because Obama is the spitting image of a socialist that wants to take all of our money and reinvest it into programs like universal healthcare. He does this because he hates the rich. With the top 1% of the yearly income bracket paying over 74% of the federal budget, how much more does this man want to take? The only way to stop this ridiculous debt is to stop spending money on programs that aren’t working! We just borrowed billions off of China because of the US gov’t wanted to spat out these so called “Stimulus Checks”. Well guess what, they haven’t stimulated anything but a larger debt! The government needs to stop ear mark spending just like senator McCain suggests and cut out worthless government aids programs that won’t work. The gov’t needs to eliminate the biggest waste of the tax payers money, which would be Welfare. Cut a program like that and save some and reinvest into failing programs that have the potential to work if funded correctly, like Social security. Why should I have my taxes raised because Barack Hussein Obama wants to aid worthless spending programs? The key to dumbing down the national debt is to stop spending so liberally, obviously Bush and the 9% approval rating congress can’t get it right, neither will Obama, hopefully Senator McCain will know what he is doing if he becomes the next president.