Rasmussen Poll on Obama Infomercial

Lost amongst all the national and state polling, Rasmussen questioned voters on the Obama Informercial.

The results:

  • 45% of US voters watched NONE OF THE AD
  • 44% of registered independents watched NONE OF THE AD
  • 47% of women watched NONE OF THE AD
  • 52% of whites watched NONE OF THE AD
  • 48% of registered voters who haven’t voted yet watched NONE OF THE AD
  • 49% of voters who said they were “certain to vote” watched NONE OF THE AD

So who actually watched that ad?

  • Democrats (52%)
  • African-Americans (56%)
  • Voters who already voted (43%)

That’s great Barry. So you managed to Democrats, African-Americans and people who already voted, to watch your infomercial. So they were already going to vote for you.

On behalf of everyone not already in the bag for you, thanks for warning us when we were going to have to watch your smiling mug on TV. In LARGE NUMBERS, we did not watch.