Ron Paul Thinks We All Deserve to Die!

My Congressman, the one and only Ron Paul (Ronulan, Saturn), knows full well why the panty bomber wanted to drop a flaming airliner onto the city of Detroit. It is because we deserve it. Yup, you got it. We are just asking to be killed, and in fact deserve to be killed, because we are “occupying” all those middle eastern countries. You can check out his statement here on YouTube. If I embedded it, you’d have to look at his face even of you didn’t want to run the video.

This of course is the same reason that so many German, Japanese, South Korean and Californians are also mounting suicide attacks on America. You see, by “occupying” these countries, we are simply begging – no, demanding – to be attacked.

Of course, in the sane part of the world, some of us realize that the reason people like the panty bomber want to kill us is simply because we are kafir, or infidels. It would not matter one bit if we recalled all of our forces from every corner of the Earth and stationed them along the New Jersey coast waiting for the invasion, because the Muslim agitators will still want to kill us. Oh, and those other countries we are “occupying” will also be attacked. Not because we are (or were) there, but because they too are kafir or infidels. Whether or not we choose to fight back, and regardless of whether we choose to fight here or there, we are and will be under attack for the foreseeable future. In a Ron Paul world, we will stay at home and allow the soft invasion plus the occasional little airliner or mall bombing to continue; after all, we won’t really be allowed to counter the homegrown jihadis under a libertarian utopia.

There is a glimmer of hope this year in Texas CD 14, and that is Tim Graney who is running against Paul in the primary. Tim is a realist who understands the threat of Muslim invasion – both the terroristic variety and the soft version. He also understands the linkage between energy sources and the source of funds for Muslim terrorism. There is much more to Tim’s platform, but let’s face it – this one topic is pretty important! Here is an excerpt from Graney’s press release this morning:

“Ron Paul incorrectly believes America is reaping what it has sown around the globe, and in his eyes this attack is an example of what America deserves when it tries to extend peace, democracy, and inclusion throughout the world.  In short, Paul’s ideas on foreign policy are a danger to the safety and security of America.  He is not doing his duty as a Representative; instead pushing his own ideology and ineffectively representing the people of the 14th District of Texas.  We know why we are under attack and we know that we need to bring the fight to our enemies, but Ron Paul lacks this understanding and the resolve to do what is right.”

You can read the whole thing at his campaign website: graneyforcongress.com

We all know that Ron Paul will bolt the Republican party for the 2012 Presidential race, so perhaps we can help him get started early! In the spirit of Hoffman, Rubio, Brown, and DeVore, please help out by contributing to and talking up Tim Graney.