Texas Needs Your Help in CD14 to Unseat R*N P**L

I know that the folks here at RedState love knowing what’s going on in some of the local Congressional races. I also know that any of you (like myself) like to reach out and help those candidates that are true to our Conservative principles. In this instance, I am able to write about my own district and hope you will take a few minutes to get to know this candidate.

Over the last few weeks I’ve met with Tim Graney, a fellow who is running to unseat R*N P**L (Ronulan, Saturn). Over the course of the meetings, I really wanted to get to know Tim’s positions on the issues that are important to the people here in TX CD14. I think Tim is the right guy.

Tim Graney built a small consulting company over more than a decade and did major projects for companies like ExxonMobil. Through this experience, he learned the realities of the small business world and the challenges faced by large multi-nationals. He sees what a devastating effect a huge tax rate has on business growth and would work to reduce or eliminate it. So, from a business background, he gets it.

On energy policy, he is rational as well. Drill here, drill now. He knows that oil and natural gas are far more important than just simple transportation fuels. To generate clean power to charge up all those little electric cars, build nukes. Perhaps most importantly, he understands the relationship between our national energy policy and our national defense.

Tim believes in the core values that founded this country and which can still be found out in places like Katy, Texas, but which seem so absent from the halls of Congress. That is, hard work, minimal government interference in business and personal freedom will result in a strong and growing economy. Since he is not a career politician, he remembers what it is like in the real world. Something that the incumbent does not seem to get.

Finally (for now), on the issue of defense and especially defense from radicalized Muslims… Tim understands that we must fight this battle on many fronts, in many places, and in in many forms. We are being attacked in military ways, on the cyber front, and through a soft infiltration.  We must protect and fight back on all fronts, not just sit at home waiting to defend the homeland as the incumbent would have us do.

Please learn more about Tim here and if at all possible, please donate. We here in CD14 know that R*N P**L is a source of great entertainment for the rest of the country, but we would like to have actual representation in DC for a change! Thanks.