In Answer to RedInABleuState And Props to ColdWarrior

A nice reminder here by RedInABleuState about ramping up for 2010. A call to action. He asks what each of us is going to do. I was a bit suprised how long it took ColdWarrior to chime in (heh). To some CW may sound like a broken record. To me, he sounds like a war drum.

Here in my first big-time, real diary entry I thought I’d tell my story and give my answer to RedInABleuState’s question. My short answer – all I can.

In an incredibly prescient move, I sought out and began attending the county GOP Executive Committee meetings about three years ago, even before CW began beating the drum. I was pissed. Mostly at my Congressman. Still am. Even finding how to get involved was difficult as the local GOP had no website to speak of. I was able however to contact the Chairman and get started at the meetings. The meetings were short and focused on business and I kept a low profile until I could get the lay of the land. During this time I joined RedState, read a lot and wrote every member of Congress more than once. My wife nixed my idea of quitting my job, dressing as a revolutionary war patriot and handing out copies of the Consitition at the Houston malls. That was about 18 months before the first Tea Party.

Next I took the initiative to get a decent website going for the local party. I’m not a programmer and haven’t been able to recruit a good one yet. I also work within the maintenance bounds that are required to keep the site up to date. I cannot do that part on a daily basis. So now we have a website where at least the people wandering in the wilderness can find us. It’s not the best it will ever be, but it’s functional and the contact form has already helped recruit more activists.

Next, I wanted to work elections. We’re in a rural area and a pretty small precinct and madam Chairman recruited me to become an election judge in time for the ’08 primaries. In our little precinct, the GOP and the Donks hold their primary votes in the same room. While our side ran smoothly and efficiently, it was quite humorous watching the other side stumble, fumble and generally make a fiasco out of the day.

I was there as the election Judge for the 2008 general election, had recruited my wife and some co-workers to man the tables and we made sure there was nothing shady going on. At this point I was appointed Precinct Chairman as the previous fellow was MIA.

Even still, it wasn’t enough. A gentleman at one of our meetings brought up an idea to rent billboards throughout the county and post revolving Conservative messages. He did some research into the idea and reported back a couple of times. Months went by and the Executive Committee was not getting on board. The idea began to falter. The proponent became ill and could no longer fight so I picked up the banner. Wrote some persuasive papers and re-pitched the idea to the group. Got permission to form a committee and spend some money. After researching it, we decided a better investment was 4’x4′ campaign style signs. For the price of one billboard in one place, we can deploy 28 signs throughout the county. Next month, 28 more with a different message, next month 28 more. All signs include our URL. This is so inexpensive, I’d encourage every county in every state to do something similar. The slogans you develop can then be printed on shirts and bumper stickers which you can sell directly to raise funds, or through a hosted site like CafePress. Here are some of our slogans we’re printing:

MORE Govt can’t fix BAD Govt!
Freedom: Miss it Yet?
Socialism: A Political Disorder
Hey Congress – You Work for Us!
Give me Liberty – NOT More Govt!
America – No Apologies Needed

So, I’m just one guy, but even in our local GOP, I feel like I’ve been able to make a difference and you can to! Attend the meetings. Volunteer some time. Get involved in working elections. Rally for Conservative candidates. Write your CongressCritters. Find one or two young people to adopt as projects to educate.

Get off the sidelines and get moving! And, hey ColdWarrior – keep beating the drum!