What Sarah Palin's dad told her

There are many reasons for the Palin sensation and the one that stood out to me most during her RNC speech was her unapologetic attitude. That’s been something in short supply in politics lately and I’m sure it was part of what people called “fresh air”. Then yesterday while watching the “Green Room” interview of Palin on Charlie Rose’s web site I learned where it came from. She said; “My dad said right when I got elected “I don’t know what the secret to success is but the secret to failure is trying to please everyone”. Pleasing everyone has been on the rise in politics but in a country so polarized it becomes increasingly difficult to accomplish. But when people smell leadership you’re almost guaranteed more than half to follow if you can put up with the heat from those who oppose you. This is why Sarah holds the approval rating in Alaska that she does.

Today I read that the Obama team is going to sharpen the tone and go after McCain but this only harkens me back to the Dole/Clinton election. Similarly it was becoming apparent that Dole was on his way to a loss. He resorted to ramping up his criticism of his opponent which proved to be ineffective. The Obama team doesn’t understand that they haven’t slipped do to a soft posture from Obama, they’ve slipped because someone came along and grabbed the moose by the horns. (pun intended)

Thank you Mr. Heath for being a wonderful father.

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