Pig stories from the mouths of babes

As a former school teacher I can tell you that if you ever want to know what parents are saying inside the homes of your community listen to the kids. Last night my son comes home from school and says “all the kids talked about today was how Obama called Sarah Palin a pig.” This from a school system in a county that went for Clinton, Gore, Kerry. Left or right, among those of us who pay close attention to politics I’d be willing to bet most of us feel Obama did not intend to call Palin a pig. But many are only casual observers of politics and gaffes like Obama’s can kill a campaign in the eyes of these types of voters. Statements like these combined with Biden’s declaration that Hillary would make a better VP choice makes one wonder just how off their game are they? And if a Hockey Mom can jolt them this much how are we to trust them with the rest of the world?

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