Obama and abortion: walking the walk with babies.

It was sunny early afternoon in 1992 when the phone rang from the local hospital. They informed me that my wife just gave birth to a boy weighing less than two pounds. Because she was months away from full term the moment seemed like I had slipped into a dream like state. I thought soon this moment would be over but moments later I realized it was here to stay.

As I read through the news articles only hours after John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin it took less than a minute to find the screams about her stance on abortion. Then a few days later I listened to the interview of Jill Stanek, the nurse at a hospital in Illinois. As I listened to the story of Obama’s opposition to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act my mind slipped back to 1992 for a moment.

My son Kevin was born in 1992 at less than two pounds. I can’t recall how many weeks along my wife was but it was less than 7 months. From that point we were to spend most of our attention to the neonatal care unit he was in for the next 11 months. The education I received during those 11 months has changed me forever. Never did I realize just how hard the human body fights to stay alive. For 11 months we were exposed to the world of neonatal care in both Allentown and Philadelphia, PA witnessing the incredible work of nature in these tiny bodies. We watched babies so small overcome what seemed to be the impossible and the emotions when we saw a family finally take their little one home was overwhelming. But there is a dark side in this experience which is what snapped my mind back to the past over the Obama story.

Never think for a second think that these tiny children don’t feel pain. Don’t allow anyone to delude you into thinking children this size don’t cry, scream in pain (with what vocal chords they have), reach out for you, feel comfort when they hear a voice or are touched. Nothing I had on my list of life experiences could have prepared me for those 11 months. It takes more than I ever realized to stop a life within the tiniest of these children.

Do any of you recall the anti-fur commercial from back in the ‘80s? It was the one with the footage of baby seals being beaten to death. I was horrified with that commercial. Some time later I began to think why no one puts a commercial of an abortion on TV? The obvious answer is it would be over the top! That commercial sent a message that said “if you want this then at least know how it comes to be.” We’re shown up close the ugly sides of life on our TV at times but never with the abortion issue.

My message to those who support abortion practices as far left as Obama does is to walk the walk. Spend a few months in a neonatal intensive care unit or observe a partial birth abortion in progress. Get out from behind the TV and internet and see life up close first.

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