Governor Palin as a Mother

My Mother raised five children and at age 79, she still is giving great advice. We were raised to be in our good ole Southern Baptist Church every time the doors were open and if they weren’t having services, we went to the neighboring Freewill Baptist Church. Two of my siblings reached the pregnancy stage prior to their marriage. They both had all the love & support my parents could give them. The wedding showers as well as the later baby showers were given by members of our church. Pregnancy out of wedlock is a fact of life and has been since the beginning of time. I admire Governor Palin for stepping up to the plate and supporting her young daughter. If Gov. Palin was a Democrat, the probability of a quiet abortion is huge. You have to be tough to tell the truth and face your critics. It’s about time we as Republicans stop crucifying public officials for their sins and definitely time to keep their family off limits. I’m from Tennessee and our State Republican Party slammed Michelle Obama so badly that I was and still am ashamed. It was unnecessary and uncalled for. The TN Party was so criticized from our own representatives in public office that I hope the lesson has been learned.

Governor Palin is going to prove to the world that a woman can be an effective Mother, wife and public servant as so many of us have done in the past. She is strong and hardly self-righteous which is an example to not only young women but the human population at large. I applaud Senator McCain for his choice and will do my utmost to support this campaign till election day.