Taking command of our movement

After the TEA Party protests, the media has scoffed that this uprising of concern in hundreds of communities across the nation is not “grassroots.”

I agree.

Grassroots denotes an idea far too small and quick to wither.

This is a redwood movement.

This movement reaches back to the heart of our founding like a taproot – steadying; foundational. The Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, writings of Hamilton, Madison, Paine, Locke and others are the intertwining root system of this movement. The massive trunk – our determination. The grandeur of its height – our future which had been promised from these roots.

The redwood stands firm and resolute in the face of time and opposition. The redwood pronounces  its existence without apology. It commands attention. It does not bend nor break under stress, and if it falls it continues to grow, limbs becoming trees of their own.

America is nearly the only place worldwide where you will find redwoods, or patriots of such a movement.

Pelosi has called this ‘turfgrass’.  I call it redwood.