When the Pixie Dust wears off, don't assume the electorate will beat a path to the Republicans' door

More likely, there will be a backlash against EVERYONE in public office.  Because there is plenty of blame to go around, and We, The People are sick of trusting and then being screwed.

At the April 15 Tea Party I attended, the signs didn’t say “Throw the Dems Out”.  They said “Throw Congress Out”!  They likened Congress to Somalian Pirates, and no distinction was being made as to party.

There are plenty of Republicans in Congress to share the blame: John McCain, Arlen Specter, and the Maine Twins are at the top of my list, but they are hardly the only ones.  Even the Senators who stood against the Porkulous Bill and the united House (thanks to Eric Cantor) are not blameless. Yes, they did a good job that time; but what about all the other times they went along to get along?

The Republican party has been complicit by their silence and by their actions. Vote-trading, DC style; well, We, The People are sick of it.

And We, The People, are not going to forget it.

Times are hard and getting harder for many of us. Each day brings new and ever more disheartening news. We are becoming angry. Listen to your friends and co-workers and take the public pulse yourself; you’ll hear disillusionment and griping where you didn’t just a few months ago. And it is growing.

If a Republican truly does not wish to get tarred and feathered with the rest of the flock, he or she needs to be the Voice Crying In The Wilderness.  Let’s see some political courage, and some moral courage — not just one one issue or another, but on ALL of it.  Someone, somewhere, stand up!  Point and cry out that THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES ON!

  • Call it Marxism.
  • Call it a power grab.
  • Call it stealing from the future to pay for the past.
  • Call it stealing from hard-working Americans to pay the bills of those who don’t want to work.
  • Call it pandering and manipulation of the electorate’s fears.
  • Call it Treason when it aids and abets the enemy.
  • Point out every inconsistency.
  • Point out every flip-flop.
  • Point out every broken promise.
  • Point out every effort to redefine perfectly good English words in order to pass the blame.
  • Point out every lie and call it a LIE, no matter who is telling it.
  • Stop being meek and gentlemanly; say what you mean and mean what you say.

We, The People cannot let the career politicians of either party get by with this crap. Remind them they took an OATH to uphold the Constitution. And they work for us.

This current crop is an absolute disgrace. If they are the best we can do, I’m ashamed to call myself an American. Where are the ones fit to stand with Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Adams, Monroe, Franklin, Henry, and Paine?  Where are the ones today who have the moral courage of those true patriots? To risk what they did for love of liberty and for a future they might not have lived to see?

That’s what We, The People want, what we hunger for, what we are searching for. If there is a patriot out there, let him or her stand forth, and We, The People will stand alongside him.

Are you listening, Republican Party? Do you really want ideas to “rebuild the party”? Then here are two: (1) Read the Constitution, and (2) Live It.