Tea Partyin' Houston Style

For months now, we’ve been hearing about Tea Parties — starting with Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC back in February.  Since that time, folks all over the country have been organizing and getting in on the protest.

It’s worth listening to again and again:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEZB4taSEoA

So the Tea Parties have been springing up, including here in Houston. But now, it seems that because www.freedomworks.org (of which Dick Arney is a part) listed the Houston Tea Party, a lefty blogger named Jane Hamsher, who lives in VA, has decided that the Houston Tea Party, in particular, is a corporate lobbyist induced thing. All part of that vast rightwing conspiracy, doncha know, along with Fox News and all of us on the DHS’ newest watchlist.

Check out Jane’s tweets; she’s obsessed: http://twitter.com/janehamsher

I want to invite Jane down for a weekend.  We’ll pick her up at Bush International (the name alone will give her a coronary), whisk her past the miles of bluebonnets towards one of the newest, cleanest downtowns her Falls Church eyes have ever beheld. Houston is chock-full of world-class restaurants and some danged impressive shopping, too.  She’ll be as stunned as I was on my first visit at the sheer size of the place, the friendliness of the people, the many cultures and languages here, and the cosmopolitan flavor of this little ole’ Texas city.

What she won’t find is a lack of independent spirit, people who are impressed with your ancestors (for or against), or a lack of opportunity. Houston has always been the place where people reinvent themselves.  She also won’t find those corporate lobbyists “organizing” us to go to Tea Parties.  Texans don’t cotton to being organized.

So as part of the “take down the Tea Parties” strategy, bloggers paid by Soros and the like will link with ACORN activists to try and discredit us all. They won’t succeed with taxpayers. We’ll all be feeling too much pain as we write those checks tomorrow (I have a Xanax set aside just for the occasion, to be washed down with a nice glass of Knob’s Creek; writing checks that big requires sedation).

Then, once the chemistry wears off, I will pick up my poster board and magic marker to make a sign.  They cannot be on sticks or poles, per the Houston PD. I can live with that; it’s like the kind of signs you can smuggle into an NFL game these days.

What to wear… my “Infidel” t-shirt from AtlasShrugged hasn’t arrived, and I’ve had no time to arrange for a “Rightwing Extremist” t-shirt.  So I may have to improvise with a plain tee and a sharpie.

Here’s where you can get one: http://www.patriotwebstores.com/home

But how about that sign?  “Taxed Enough Already” seems … understated. “Mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” seems old hat. “Reward the water carriers, not the water drinkers” may not be understood by the masses.  “Individuals Support The Collective” may be too subtle.

I’m leaning towards “You Keep Your Socialism and I’ll Keep MY Money!” … so far.

So I’ll be taking along the camera tomorrow afternoon to Jones Plaza for some hopefully impressive shots of us doing things bigger in Texas. And if anyone knows where I can pick up that corporate check, let me know, huh?