A religious litmust test?

Tonight I attended an exclusive “cult” meeting at my local Mormon chapel (a.k.a. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) where I witnessed proscribed clothing, handshakes, ritual chants, hierarchical teachings, and special advancement ceremonies.

You may have witnessed one of these “cult” meetings yourself – it’s called Cub Scouts.

“Cult” is an extreme pejorative term that could subjectively be applied to everything from High School Football games to the Pledge of Allegiance.

I could spend this post defending Mormonism from attacks – like the one hurled today by Pastor Jeffress during his introduction of Governor Perry at the Values Voters Conference or I could simply point out the obvious: a religious litmus test is both unconstitutional in character and imprudent for a political stragegy.

You may think my belief in Mormonism warrants some political disqualification – that is your right as a free-thinking American… but know this… the Left thinks our shared belief in the soteriological powers of our Lord Jesus Christ disqualifies us both from political office and even public discourse.

In other words… if someone on the Right disses Mitt Romney because of his religious beliefs… the Left has a free pass to dismiss all Christian beliefs en masse and hold that precedent over our collective heads.

Those are just a few arguments in what I’m sure will be a lively discussion in the weeks and months ahead.

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