Independents are part time Socialists/Communists

Independents swing their vote from Republican to Democrat year after year.  This is all well in good to be an open-minded, free thinker,  but do they ever stop to wonder what the Democrat Party is now?  From the President down to the Democrat Congress, we see the evidence of what the Democrat Party is.  They are Command-and-Control, Big Government, Socialist/Marxists.  I will list some obvious qualifiers below:

  • Obama used the Wall Street bailouts to anniate pay reduction (a.k.a social justice) for CEOs pay.  If they are not getting paid then who receives the money they earn?  Someone else.
  • Obama took over GM and forced the banks and share holders to sell their shares at a lower rate to the Unions during Bankruptcy.  Then closed many GM/Chrysler dealers that contributed to the Republican Party.  This type of Socialism benefited the Unions, for our tax payer dollars are still funding failed pensions.
  • Obama’s stimulus bill bailed out state and local government officials while many outside government lost their jobs and it also gave more hand outs to many Americans who did not earn it.
  • The health care bill was passed.  The mechanism to create an all powerful governmnet run health care is big time socialism.
  • The health care bill also had the nationalization of the student loan industry.
  • The financial regulatory bill passed is crowny capitalism with bail outs of failing businesses that fund elitists in Washington.  Socialism in the sense that businesses that fail are taken care of.
  • Dems passed numerous bills that bailed out state officials and unions that were not solvent.
  • Extending unemployment over and over again created a dependent mindset for many people who now expect the government to take care of them.

So Independents you should accept who you are (part time Socialists) and realize you are apart of the problem, too.  You have allowed the Left and the Media to control your thinking.  The blame America first crowd has penetrated your intellect, so now you must recant.  Realize the Democrat Party are a bunch of lunatics who want to see our country downsized and taken over by elites in Washington.  These elites believe they are smart enough to know what’s best for you.  Tell them they don’t and stand up for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for all. Vote for Constitutional Conservatives and campaign for them if you really do support Freedom.