With Obama Blacks One Step Forward, Ten Back

With trust in government at an all time low combined with the media’s new role of promoting the presidential candidate of their choice, the rise of Barack Obama suddenly makes sense…

As an seventh generation-American, I am well aware of the issue of slavery. My ancestors fought among the Hessian soldiers in the America Revolution, fought on the side of the North in the Civil War, they never owned a slave, and still my being white has cast an indelible shadow. Fortunately, I do not look on the past in an attempt to find and classify society’s eternal victim. At once, Obama appeared to embody everything that was not government and a fix to the white mens evil past — that alone is enticing to millions. He is neither a Clinton nor Bush. He is white, black, Christian, Muslim, Democrat, and Republican, all rolled into one. In short: he resembles all of us. But aesthetics aren’t a good way to elect a president. We do not need CHANGE we need ADJUSTMENTS.

As a former Clinton supporter, the path that Howard Dean tells me to choose by supporting Obama rather than McCain, would likely lead to further integration and/or assimilation into a black cultural and social structure. This has black leaders and the conscious black voter concerned. As seen this week at the most recent town hall coronation for Obama, blacks in Florida ask the question, “are you gona dance with the one that brung ya?” As well, they should.

Obamas has relentlessly sent a message to white people that a vote for Barack Obama, and that an Obama presidency, would see the beginning, of the end of black-specific agitation. In fact, it has increased black agitation that can only lead blacks to the cold realization that he has done this all at their expense.

Concerns spawning from the ever-increasing intensity of courtship of white voters have blacks feeling justifiably marginalized. Especially when starring at Obama’s vision of Hope, blacks are waking up and seeing a cynical vision… a vision that resembles that of a bad memory… confined to shackles, peering through mansion windows… more to the point… to remain on the periphery of society; never becoming a fully recognized participant.

With the success of this political maneuvering in his sights, I believe Barack Obama has impressively learned from the Clinton playbook. The black vote is as certain as gravity no matter how loud the alliterations spewed form Jessie’s race baiting face. It is akin the Bataan Death March… focused on the quest no matter what the cost.

It is a very interesting twist of logical progression for blacks… A black man in the White House leads them back to the fields… With Obama being nothing more that a Slave Mater to his DNC puppeteers.