McCain Needs To Go The Distance in the Race over Race

Potential Vice President running mates are the overloading grist for the political mills these days causes a need to look over the political landscape and make good choices. A quick glance and the obvious suspects appear. It became clear that one objective must be achieved above all. McCain must win the race over Race.

Let’s face it VP’s are selected subjective to what demographics they can sway for the presidential nominee. When considering what we are faced with, my eyes scanned the landscape for truly qualified black leaders. One quickly comes into focus, Michael Steele. McCain would have credibility in making this selection, shedding the stereotype that has shadowed the party for years. For those who don’t know Steele, he is… shhhhh… a black man, who is…shhhhhh… oh my… conservative. Could it be? A few years back, I had the great historic honor to vote for a republican in the state of Maryland that actually had a chance of winning… and they did! In a stroke of genius, Robert Ehrlich Jr. selected Michael Steele for his Lt. Governor. That changed things for me. Ehrlich, an accomplished man and political figure made it clear form the beginning that Steele was not a choice of desperation but a choice based on who was most qualified. After seeing and hearing Steele you knew that Ehrlich was dead on. Steele as a color soon dissipated infuriating the liberals.

Ostensibly what happened is what always has happened. Republicans invariably stereotype when an African-American rises through the ranks through hard work and the natural course of political experience… stuff like ‘oh, well, they just promoted him because he’s black.’ I’m simply giddy with the prospect of how furious those who audacious dreams would be shattered by the addition of an African American at the top the republican ticket.

Black conservative character assassinations have been the stalwarts of the Democratic Party. Steele now had to pass the liberal test of black conservative non-tolerance. In his bid to be part of Maryland’s first elected republican Governorship in 30 years Lt. Gov Steele had to endure the racist attacks: Oreos passed out among the participants in a public forum, daily death treats, The Baltimore Sun giving him the railroading of a life time by characterizing him as the “brother in law of Mike Tyson” and remarks that Steele “only qualification was his race”. Further, attacks by the then House Minority Whip, Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, who characterized Steele as having had “a career of slavishly supporting the Republican Party.”

Steele, who is now the chairman the Grand Old Party Action Committee (GOPAC), and has been quietly mentioned in some circles for VP,. The choice for me is obvious as it should be for all of us. McCain is considered old school with regard to black political empowerment and not the evangelical Christian Right. Steele is the preverbal answer to McCain having his cake and eating it too. Steele is a known quantity to the GOP and the RNC. More importantly, Steele is the perfect match for McCain and the balance the ticket needs to ease the empathy of the white voter.

McCain is practically legendary for resisting strong-arm party line politics. He has forged bipartisan coalitions and passed significant legislation. This is a man who knows how to get things done. McCain has even stated that he wants ‘question time’ following the British model in which the President answers real day to day questions from Congress in a publicly broadcast periodic format.

As I said the other day, Obama is constantly guessing daily on the hard issues, demonstrated by his olive oil voice, dulcet tones of nonsense talk rather than using Harold Dean ~the louder I scream the more right I am~ style squawk talk. There’s only so much nonsense and things he can guess about. Barack, opposed to such hard Afro-centric ideals characterized by Wright’s version of liberation theology, to wheeling out has-been retired Generals like Wesley Clark for some military guess work. Those and the countless others that have sacrificed their bodies to the list of nonsensical blabbering fools… now find themselves as road kill churned and splattered under the wheels of Obama Speeding Bus of Disaster.

With Steele’s nomination, Barack and his nonsense talk along with his crowd of apathetic race baiter would be pressed to show good cause for his candidacy. Steele, who comes from the school of hard knocks, is no stranger to struggle and having to make the most from nearly nothing. The Obama campaign would be scrambling to find someone to compete for the genuine black middle class ideals. Obama would not be able to cry poor around Steele. Now Barack would finally have to answer to those of us living in the real world of reality.

It’s well known that blacks vote for Democrats overwhelmingly. It is a guarantee carved in granite and as certain as gravity. It’s such a sure thing that Democratic candidates could bet their lives on getting a hefty majority of the “black vote,” no matter what they did or did not stand for. Nevertheless, so polarizing is race that most conservatives can never see voting for black Democrats as black liberals feel just as certain about a black Republican. For me, a persons mind blinds me to their race. I believe that the selection of Steele would open the politically sewn shut eyes in both parties and guarantee a vision that would last forever.

Nevertheless Black conservatives are facing an unprecedented decision heading into November’s presidential election. Steele isn’t going for the Obama race over the Race game. Steele has said “I’m a conservative; I’m not grappling with it,” Steele told BlackAmericaWeb.com. “I’m sure it’s a real issue for some people, but most black conservatives I talk to do not seem to be struggling with this question.” And he goes on… “I’m proud of Barack Obama’s accomplishments,” Steele said, “He’s made significant steps forward for the political empowerment of African-Americans, and this is a historic moment for our nation. But come November, I’ll do everything in my power to defeat him.”

Steele remains one of the most prominent African-American Republican spokesmen. This is significant, since the GOP has no blacks in either the House or Senate and only one member of the Republican National Committee is African-American. Now chairman of GOPAC, the Republican training and recruitment group, and a frequent Fox-TV commentator, Steele is often a guest speaker at GOP functions in his home state and nationally.

For now… It’s still just a pipe dream. McCain has a chance here to erase that stigmatism and put the Race over Race finally to rest.