Rodimus Brown backhands the DeceptiCRATS

By being truthful and authentic.  Brown is mopping the floor with not just one Dem, but the entire party. 

In the old Transformers movie (the cartoon not the newer movies), Optimus Prime dies almost immediately after the movie starts.  With no leadership the Autobots feel all hope is lost.  However the Matrix (I think it is called a Matrix) inside Uptimus Prime is given to another Transformer until it reaches an unlikely nobody called Hot Rod.  Hot Rod transforms into Rodimus Prime and single handedly tears apart the Decepticons.  Brown could be our Rodimus Prime with Conservatism as the power (Matrix) that single handedly takes down a party.  I REALLY HOPE SCOTT BROWN CAN TRANSFORM INTO A PRIME AND WIN THIS THING! 

I do know Scott Brown is not a down-the-line conservative, but it is the strength of the movement within him that will be our wrecking ball.  God help us take the power [email protected]!