Congressman Michael Arcuri's CoArc South St., LLC Contracts with the DMV

Congressman Michael Arcuri from the 24th Congressional district failed to disclose the correct amount on his rental property at 309 South Street, on his Federal Financial Disclosure. He has a state contract with the Department of Motor Vehicles which commenced in 1982 and ends in 2012. Not only has he committed fraud, he has hidden from the voting public his personal interests within the Transportation Department, clearly a conflict of interest as he sits on the Transportation Committee as Congressman.

Congressman Arcuri failed to answer numerous requests from JusticeDenied13501 about his company Co-Arc South St. LLC and other companies in question.

This was found on the New York State Office of the State Comptroller’s Website, Open Book New York. See it for yourself, before it disappears….http://wwe1.osc.state.ny.us/transparency/contracts/contractresults.cfm?sb=b&a=MMM09&ac=&v=co+arc+south+st&vo=B&c=-1&m1=0&y1=0&m2=0&y2=0&am=0&b=Search**http://justicedenied13501.blogspot.com