New Elitism

The ruckus over Sarah Palin is proof that the Obama campaign and many media types are truly elitist. Senator Obama has done very little of substance beyond giving well received speeches. His own party admits that. He should too. There is nothing wrong with being new on the scene. Admit it and let people decide who they want as President in times of crisis. That isn’t enough apparently. Do you notice how many times people comment on Governor Palin’s “small town” background? How many times they refer to being the mayor of a small town? The media belittle it. Senator Obama obviously feels there is some more gun and religion toting going on here. But the elite need to greet the real America. Most of us do come from small towns compared to New York. Every four years many politicians delight in small town parades and fairs. Politicians love to roll up their sleeves and be seen as ‘ordinary Americans’. Unless it is threatening your campaign. Then we have to pull out the stops.

What’s wrong with an ordinary American citizen being in the Vice President chair? What’s wrong with letting someone who is a little like the rest of us make some decisions that affect us right here is average America? Can’t have that I guess. You have to be an Ivy Leaguer or flashy cosmopolitan type. Remember Mr. Smith Goes to Washington when Claude Rains’ character asked what he thought of an average citizen (Jimmy Stewart) a Constitution quoting, nature loving, ordinary citizen being appointed to the Senate? He said as if struck, yes I think it’s alright, as if the concept of an ordinary American being allowed to make decisions was a novel concept. Of course, Jimmy Stewart’s character promptly brought down the corrupt system because he believed in ordinary American values, not the get along style that Chicago politics reflects nowadays.

Well maybe it is OK that ordinary Americans have a say about our lives. And here’s more food for thought. he Supreme Court, law enforcement, abortion, school vouchers, the survival of the family unit, all of these are up for grabs and need our support. McCain-Palin will be there for each of those issues. Us ‘gun toting religion clinging’ folks got to stick together. Being ordinary ain’t easy!

The hidden agenda of Obama-Biden is to let government decide what is best for everybody. Even when it comes to protection of life. More government has never solved our problems. The refusal to admit that life is sacred is particularly troublesome. Senator Biden has admitted that he will knowingly allow the death of new born life because he refuses to impose his values on someone. Rubbish. He refuses to stop the funding of special interest groups that fund his campaign. Snails have more protection that new born life in this country now. Obama and Biden are more than willing to force abortion and it’s funding on people who do not support it, as well as a host of other issues. I guess if someone wanted to physically harm or kill my family I sure as heck impose my moral values on them right now!