NC Judge Orders Homeschool Kids Into Public School


Apparently, in the midst of a divorce case, a Wake County, NC judge has ordered that a local mother stop homeschooling her children and put them into public school.  Judge Ned Mangum said, “It will do them a great benefit to be in the public schools, and they will challenge some of the ideas that you’ve taught them, and they could learn from that and make them stronger.” 

I heard this story this morning on the local talk radio station on the way into work.  According to a caller who knew the family, it seems that the father is pushing this, primarily because he doesn’t want to pay for the mom to stay home and teach the kids.  The father is also applying the wonderful term “cult” to the mom’s very conservative church.  But the caller to the show reiterated that while, yes, the mom’s church is very strict, the kids are very well adjusted socially, being a part of a homeschool association, and are doing very well academically. 

Those things aside, does anyone think that this kind of decision by the judge could have greater implications beyond the specifics of this case?  When it comes down to it, the point he is making is that he (and by extension the courts and the government) knows better how to educate and raise this woman’s children.  There are no reports of abuse or neglect here…this is apparently a judge taking an opportunity in a divorce battle to make a statment. 

And it would seem that statement is “We know better how to raise your kids than you.”  Disturbing, to me at least…