It's Not Just The Process I'm Losing Faith In

Cue accusations of melodrama (which may well be deserved).


This election and people’s response to it has made me doubt my faith more than any trial I’ve ever gone through. I’ve been lied about and attacked multiple times by people I considered friends because I cannot support Donald Trump, a man I see as an admitted sexual abuser.

I see so many pastors defending this mad man leading us to damnation and sweeping aside abuse of women with the excuse that the other abuser is worse. She is, she is terrible, but if you wouldn’t trust this man around your wife why would you vote for him? And if you would trust him around your wife I hope it’s only because your wife carries a gun.

Those pastors that will call out Trump are denounced as Pharisees. Men who have defended the faith and religious liberty for decades are rebuked for speaking against a man that praises Planned Parenthood.

Trump is being called anointed by God by men who claim a prophetic word. And when they’re proven wrong all that will happen is they’ll tell the same lie about the next candidate with an R by their name.

Mike Pence is known for saying “I’m a Christian, a Conservative, and a Republican. In that order.” If it sounds familiar Dan Patrick used it in his campaign without giving credit.

I thought Pence meant it. Maybe he does. I don’t see much faith anymore though. I see a whole lot of fear. Fear usually means wandering in the wilderness for 40 years so you remember who God is and that politicians aren’t them.

I used to worry that the GOP would be the victim of the Trump candidacy, but now I fear the Church will. This certainly isn’t a faith I want to be a part of anymore.

*Note: I found out my father is dying this week and I am fully self aware that all my ranting toward Trump may well be exagerated by this information.