Why I love the #CocksNotGlocks Campaign

A couple of days ago students at UT Austin held another #CocksNotGlocks campaign against trained and licensed students being allowed to conceal carry guns on campus.

The organizers passed out 4,500 donated dildos to students to place on their bags to “open carry” to bring attention to the possibility that other students may have guns in their bags. Of course this assumes students with possible malicious intent weren’t carrying before and now are only willing to do so because the law changed. We know mass shooters are all about following the law in gun free zones.

Personally, I love this campaign. It does everything right in proving the left wrong.

1) Are gun advocates against cocks?

The whole campaign has this weird sexual confusion that gun owners and advocates are somehow against cocks. As a gay republican I have to be pretty blunt and say that just is not so. I am a pretty big fan myself. I even have one of my own I use regularly.

A 2012 survey showed that Republicans have better sex than Democrats so not only are we fans of cocks we’re better at utilizing them.

After the recent horrific shooting at the gay club Pulse in Orlando many LGBT advocates started realizing the need for more protection than just condoms. Pink Pistol, an LGBT gun advocacy group, membership skyrocketed and Rainbow Gadsden flags with #ShootBack popped up around the country. I think it is safe to say that no one is really anti-cock.

Shoot Back Rainbow Gadsden Flag

2) Their Parents are so Proud

The annual cost to attend UT Austin is just over $25,000 for in-state students and $50,000 for out-of-state students. Classes hadn’t even begun yet when students took to protest with their new (at least we hope they were new) dildos proudly flailing above their heads. News stations and social media carried their images around the world. Mom & Dad must have been so proud of how their supposedly intelligent children made international headlines. Eight states allow campus carry including the conservative bastion of Oregon where a Republican hasn’t been governor in 30 years. Austin, TX is the only place to make such headlines. Students walking around with dildos on their bags may give “Hook ‘Em” a whole new meaning.

3) Distancing the Main Stream

Students love to think they make a difference with crazy protests, but they never bother to actually vote so their point is lost. In fact it likely hurts their cause because the older people that do see it have no desire to be a part of it.

In 2013, when the Texas Pro-Life Omnibus bill was being debated I worked with others organized a “Let Texas Speak” rally for pro-life Texans.. As we got started heckles began from abortion advocates and eventually they were marching around us trying to drown us out with chants. At one point they started chanting “Hail Satan” which was picked up on video and trended on Twitter for two days. This did more for my cause than the small rally ever would have done. Instead of an hour rally it went 9 hours and was covered internationally.

There can be fringe groups that bring the point up, but the last thing you want is to push away your supporters and voters. The #CocksNotGlocks campaign has done a great job of proving normal folks want nothing to do with them.

In their mind they want to fight absurdity with absurdity, but they can’t even prove that any student around them is actually carrying a weapon. The law only allows for conceal carry.

I’m truly thankful for these organizers. They’ve done an amazing job promoting the right to bear arms and whether it’s cocks or glocks we can all coexist.

Cocks and glocks coexist