5 Ways to Be an Ambassador for Your Candidate

Candidates are bombarded with people telling them all the things they need to do and places they MUST be if they want to win an election. Everyone seems to think the candidate needs to be at every meeting in the district if they want to win and seem to take it as a personal slap if they do not follow their advice.

Obviously a candidate cannot be every where. Most candidates have a plan and as long as it involves meeting actual voters it is best to follow that plan rather than going t from meeting to meeting. Talking to voters at their door while block walking and meeting voters in intimate groups is generally a much better use of a candidates time than fighting for attention in a room of 200 people.

But when you when you say that a candidate needs to meet certain people you are right, but that is where you come in. You need to be an ambassador for your candidate.

Voting is the lowest common denominator in supporting a candidate. Donating is a extremely helpful, but not everyone can do that. What everyone can do is be a candidate ambassador.

What does being an ambassador for your candidate entail?

1) Talk to your friends in district about the candidate. Don’t just post on social media.

Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, etc. who you are supporting is a good start, but that is also easy to get lost in the noise. If you’re going to post make sure to explain why you support a candidate even if it is just a couple of sentences. Even better is if you can make a video with your cell phone and share why you support a candidate. Remember most people do not know ANY candidates in local races except for what they receive in the mail or see on television ads. Your personal endorsement matters more than a thousand mailers. One on one conversations with your friends is the most effective campaign on the planet.

2) Be active about sharing with others. Do not wait for them to come to you.

Many folks do not know an election is going on. All the signs and mailings have been lost is a haze of life. You cannot wait on others to ask your opinion or for details on a race. They will not do it. One main reason is that they do not want to appear foolish for not already knowing about the race. If you put out a notice saying “call me for information” then a few people might call, but thousands of others will not. Endorse your candidate so people know you trust them enough to associate your name with them. It is a powerful thing.

3) Be in communities your candidate is weak and be their voice.

All candidates will have areas they are weak in. For many conservative candidates in Texas that is with the Chamber of Commerce and business community. It is also in the area where their opponent directly resides. If you have connections in those places then you need to be the one speaking well about your candidate. Instead of them focusing on their weakness they must focus on their strength, but you can be that surrogate.

4) Organize events for your candidate on friendly ground.

Instead of asking your candidate to go compete with their opponent at an open event invite your friends and contacts to meet the candidate. Organize a coffee or other event where they can share their concerns and listen to your candidate. Create an intimate setting at night after block walking and other events are through.

5) Try to be on the same page as the campaign, but if you believe something needs to be shared then you should share it.

Every voter has the issues they are passionate about and they want to the candidate to spend a lot of time speaking to that issue, but the campaign needs to reach all voters and touch a myriad of topics. That does not mean your topic is not important to the candidate. Campaigns work on broad ideas and specific relationships. If your candidate wants to run a campaign purely focused on their own ideas and the community then respect that. If you have negative information on another candidate do not bring it to someone running a campaign like that. If you want to share it and are not directly associated with the campaign then that is your prerogative, but not everything should come from the campaign. Trust and respect how your candidate wants to run it. They are the ones that have to stand before God and their family at the end of it all and give account.

Thank you for being willing to be involved and go forth and be an ambassador.