Denton and Texas Voter Recommendations


Early voting started today in Texas. I wanted to lay out the candidates I recommend in Denton County and then around the state if you are in Denton and need voter information click here.

I’m not endorsing on here for US Congress or President because most people have seen those for themselves and have emotional decisions behind them.

Railroad Commissioner: Wayne Christian

Justice Supreme Court Place 3: Michael Massengale

Justice Supreme Court Place 5: Rick Green

Justice Supreme Court Place 9: Eva Guzman

Judge Court of Appeals Place 2: Ray Wheeless

Judge Court of Appeals Place 5: Brent Webster

Judge Court of Appeals Place 6: Michael Keasler

Justice Second Court of Appeals Place 3: Dabney Bassel

District Judge 431st Judicial District: Jonathan Bailey

Sheriff: Tracy Murphree

County Chair: Lisa Hendrickson

Please remember to vote all the way down the ballot! Here are other important races in the state:

HD 64: Read King (This is the only race I’m really working this time to stay focused)

Texas Senate:

1 David Simpson or Bryan Hughes

24 Brent Mayes

Texas House:

1 George Lavender

2 Bryan Slaton

4 Stuart Spitzer

5 Cole Hefner

7 David Watts

8 Thomas McNutt

14 Jess Fields

17 Brent Golemon

18 Keith Strahan

20 Terry Wilson

33 John Keating

47 Jay Wiley

54 Larry Smith

55 Molly White

58 Philip Eby

59 Brent Graves

60 Mike Lang

64 Read King

65 Ron Simmons (though I’ve gotten to know Ben Kissling and I hope he’ll get involved in YRs and other elections)

71 Isaac Castro

73 Kyle Biedermann

81 Josh Crawford

84 Jim Landtroop

92 Jonathan Stickland

94 Tony Tinderholt

96 Bill Zedler

99 Bo French

106 Pat Fallon

112 Chris DeHart

113 Jonathan Boos

114 Dan Morenoff

115 Matt Rinaldi

121 Sheila Bean or Jeff Judson

126 Kevin Roberts

127 Mitchell Bosworth

128 Briscoe Cain

130 Tom Oliverson

134 David Palmer

150 Valoree Swanson

Some races I have not been able to follow or they may not be contested which is why they are not listed. If you would like advice on any race call me at 314-346-2241. I will research it with you or get in touch with people I know and trust. Remember to get out and vote!