Mourning For America ~ Land of the Free

(This diary is written as a response to and in agreement with, Angelle’s diary: A Brutal Assessment of Our Day in the United States of America. Thank you Angelle for your spiritual input on Red State.)

The title of this diary originates from a heavy heart after reading/listening to conservative commentaries, diaries, debates, and other discussions across digital platforms on how to fix America. Although these discussions are based upon our earthly knowledge they still lack spiritual direction. This is due to the fundamental problem of becoming a godless society. So much so that America, a nation who has followed Judeo-Christian principals for the most part, now borders on outright persecution of the Christian faith. The left has been killing America’s Christianity root by root until all that is left is the precious tap root. The final death knell is now echoing across our land – sadly evident when a state official tells its Christian constituents to buy guns. We are in the midst of a destructive spiritual war.

I would say that basic Christians understand that there are spiritual forces that can govern, manipulate or beguile mankind, whether they be good or evil. To make a point, let’s pretend spirits are real people for a moment: As I see it, Mercy and Justice have been brutally murdered in our land and Truth has been trampled in the streets. They have been replaced with Pride, Arrogance, Wickedness, Sorrow, Suffering, Lies and Deceit that magnify themselves against God and our original spiritual foundation. A horrible bunch to negotiate with, to be sure. If saying this is true, then those of us who wish to win the war, need to talk less and pray more. This would accomplish the development in leadership we are looking for and would certainly revive and strengthen our spiritual roots and relationship with our Heavenly Father as a nation. I for one would welcome a candidate’s call for prayer….real prayer! Heart wrenching, fall on your face before God, prayer!

I read a book sometime ago titled, Rees Howells-Intercessor by Norman Percy Grubb. I’ve never forgotten it as it tells the story of how God raised up a man to become a spiritual leader to intercede, pleading and petitioning Heaven in the world’s behalf to drive Righteousness and Truth forward across World War II battles. Today, we believe those battles were won with the help of prayer warriors on their knees as seems to be clearly indicated in that story.

So here we are again, teetering on the brink of another world war, different battles, same scenario…good versus evil. And again, evil is playing the high cards. We need another Heavenly intervention. God’s army needs soldiers. Are we willing to fill the ranks, be the prayer warriors and godly intercessors that are so desperately needed to break through the gates of hell and push this evil agenda backwards?

I close with this tiny prayer that I repeat everyday. So many forces have pushed God down and out, that I want to be one voice that lifts Him back up….so that He knows there are still hearts that love, honor and respect His precepts. And I trust and pray that He will lift Himself up once again as in days of old…

…even so Lord Jesus, be lifted up in every manner of Holy Honor, Glory and Praise, that in the Brightness of Your Majesty and the Radiance of Your Glory, every throne will be submitted in defeat before Your throne and every tongue will confess in all places, in Heaven, in earth, even to the lowest hell, that YOU are Lord! King of Kings and Lord of Lords, forever and ever…Amen!

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