Prop 8 torpedoed...fed judiciary gone crazy. STOP KAGAN..."Yes We Can!"

     Okay, even I’m getting tired of writing diaries against Kagan’s nomination, but it’s not over yet…and the symbolism of “Judge” Vaughn Walker in sunny San Fran overturning the people’s will to decide on marriage issues today, just before the Senate caves and puts a terrible candidate on our Supreme Court, is just too much to resist writing about.

     Again, at least try to get the Senate to delay the nomination until after summer recess, so that Kagan’s possible plagiarism issues, etc., can be more fully considered by the American people.

     With gay marriage forced through now, we can afford Kagan on the Court even less than before. Again, the coincidence of what the federal court in Northern California is doing at this time, happening at the same time as the Kagan hearings, has incredible symbolism vis-a-vis Kagan and the corruption of our judiciary.

     Jeff Sessions can be phoned at (202) 224-4124, or faxed at (202) 224-3149. Or, Capitol switchboard: (202) 224-3121. Again, “Senator Sessions, please put a hold on Kagan’s nomination untll after summer recess. Her enabling plagiarism at Harvard Law must be fully investigated, along with any other possible charges. And this is more crucial now after the incorrect gay marriage ruling in California. Thank you.” or such may work. Or words of your choice.

     Thanks for your patience, and keep fighting till the fat lady sings. (No pun intended)

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