Ask Sessions to put hold on Kagan vote...just as McCain's "holding" Clapper vote

     Yes, I’m aware that debate has already started on Kagan, as the front page notes. (Hat tip to Brian Darling) However, the situation is so egregious, and extraordinary, that maybe because of what the debate does reveal (the sorriness of Kagan as a potential Justice), and the lack of full debate or information on things like her, uh, possibly coddling plagiarism at Harvard Law…whoops!!) are more than enough reason to delay the final vote until after the summer recess. What’s the rush, unless you’re Obama and afraid to let folks have some time to think about what your nominee’s really like?
     So, call it futile, but in any case, do CALL, to Sessions at (202) 224-4124 and say something like, “Senator Sessions, please put a hold on Kagan’s nomination untll after summer recess. Her enabling plagiarism at Harvard Law must be fully investigated, along with any other possible charges. Thank you.”
     Or call your own rep via Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. And call again tomorrow, too, for good measure, if you can.

     After all, McCain is doing a hold on a less prestigious position without lifetime tenure, right now: see Reuters, McCain, demanding report, blocks spy chief vote,

“U.S. Senator John McCain said on Monday he would allow a Senate vote on President Barack Obama’s nominee to be U.S. intelligence chief as soon as he receives an intelligence report he requested 18 months ago.
But another senator, Kit Bond, said he might also move to block a vote on the spy chief nominee in order to pry loose a separate intelligence assessment on Guantanamo detainees.
McCain, a Republican, has placed a “hold” — a procedural move blocking a Senate floor vote — on the nomination of James Clapper as director of national intelligence. But he told reporters he actually had no objections to Clapper taking the post. …”

     Well, we who DO have objections to Kagan taking the post, and have seen no real vetting of the plagiarism issue (or maybe other issues…), have every right to ask for a hold until the American people can be shown past the smoke and mirrors and to the full truth about Kagan.
     Keep fighting. It looks dark, but it’s not over yet. Thanks.

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