Did Kagan coddle FACULTY plagiarism at Harvard Law? Testimony, video. --Filibuster/vote down Kagan

     Supposedly, Jeff Sessions and others were informed of this all, but: for those who haven’t heard, there is some ugly scuttlebutt about Elena Kagan turning a blind eye to faculty misbehavior at Harvard Law School. Does this make her a good choice for an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court?
     See the strikingly named “Harvard Plagiarism Archive” by “AuthorSkeptics”, starting with the 7/20/10 entry Script and Synoposis of the July 8 “I’m Larry Tribe” Video,

“A reader suggested we post a script of the “I’m Larry Tribe” video (which summarizes the three ghostwriting/plagiarism scandals at Harvard Law School that Dean Elena Kagan was instrumental in whitewashing), released July 8, which we helped the Harvard Parody bloggers put together. …

1. Introduction and basic background concerning the March, 2005, Harvard Law School Drama Society parody show in which students made fun of Professor Laurence Tribe for his routine use of student ghostwriters, and for his recently discovered plagiarism, for which he had received no punishment. (0:00 to 2:15)

2 . Alan Dershowitz: an “orgy of plagiarism.” Evidence summarized on the AuthorSkeptics’ blog, and the detailed analysis of California attorney Frank J. Menetrez, together show beyond any doubt that Alan Dershowitz’s 2003 book, A Case for Israel, plagiarized extensively from Joan Peters’ 1984 book, From Time Immemorial — an “orgy of plagiarism,” as one reviewer commented shortly after the book appeared. Despite all this evidence, Dean Elena Kagan imposed no punishment on Dershowitz. (2:15 to 4:00)

3. Charles Ogletree: “Double plagiarism” and “tenure-revoking ghostwriting.” Interviews of Harvard Law Review editors and Harvard Law School professors, as reported by the New Republic in 1993, document that then-untenured professor Charles Ogletree was charged with having fraudulently hired students to ghostwrite his tenure article. Ogletree denied the charge. There was no conclusive proof of the ghostwriting, as no one was willing to come forward publicly as a witness for fear of being called racist. In this climate, Ogletree was granted tenure. However, a decade later in 2004 the original charges took on new credibility, when Ogletree was forced to admit to heavy reliance on student ghostwriters, after ghostwriters who drafted a just-released book for him plagiarized six consecutive paragraphs from a book by Yale law professor Jack Balkin. Dean Elena Kagan learned of the offense through an anonymous tip. She did nothing for months. In a Clintonesque effort to minimize news attention she waited until the Friday evening before Labor Day to release her brief internet statement on it (a tactic which backfired when several students, disturbed by such chicanery in an academic environment, started the “OgletreeSkeptics,” later renamed “AuthorSkeptics,” project in response). Kagan imposed no punishment on Ogletree, nor did she revisit the original charge that Ogletree had obtained tenure through fraud. Kagan imposed no punishment even after the Harvard Crimson reported in 2006 that Ogletree’s book contained four consecutive sentences which plagiarized from a 1996 book by University of California scholar Roy Brooks (the four sentences appeared in exactly the same order in Brooks’s book). (4:00 to 7:00)

5. Unanswered criticisms of Kagan and Tribe.

Kagan’s action met with severe and sustained criticism from Dean Velvel — in particular, her apparent decision that for a Harvard law professor to delegate the writing of a book to a law student, and take sole authorship credit, is not an offense deserving of punishment. … Tribe’s scholarly practices also came under sharp attack by noted historian Peter Charles Hoffer, who holds a Ph.D from Harvard and whose son was a student of Tribe’s. On national television Hoffer stated that Tribe “is misusing assistants”; that he’s “not a scholar anymore”; that he’s “sort of running a research corporation.” Hoffer further stated that he doesn’t see how Tribe can “stand up in front of a group of people as an author” when he’s actually “a compiler” of material drafted for him by others. Hoffer concluded that if he had been aware of Tribe’s scholarly practices while his son was at Harvard Law School, he’d have advised his son to “take someone else for constitutional law.” (12:00 to 16:00) …”

     Video of Hoffer’s remarks below (as also YouTube-embedded at the Plagiarism Archive…so if the embedding here doesn’t work, just go over there):

     (More video available at Harvard Parody.)

     In fairness, some say that the plagiarism was not deliberate; see, for example, MediaMatters, Right-wingers falsely accuse Kagan of covering up plagiarism at Harvard, which criticizes Michelle Malkin and Jewish World Review for their own critiques of Kagan, and tries to excuse Tribe and Ogletree to some extent. That article says nothing about the Dershowitz case, though.
     I know Dershowitz may be popular here at RedState, but that’s not the issue, as we know; if he plagiarized, he plagiarized, regardless of his popularity rating.

     There is much, much more to all this, but I’ve given you a taste: investigate further to your heart’s content.

     If anyone can tell us that Sessions and friends already investigated all this and found Kagan to be squeaky clean, let us know. If not, though…we risk the corruption of our Supreme Court and our whole government by enabling cronyism and lies not just to be unpunished, but rewarded and advanced in power and position. What a disgrace.
     Sessions can be phoned at (202) 224-4124, or faxed at (202) 224-3149. Or, if you prefer the Capitol switchboard: (202) 224-3121 as always.
     (And if you’d like to drop a line to the “AuthorSkeptics” at the Plagiarism Archive, either to thank them for their vigilance or to recommend that they talk to a major news outlet as soon as possible and get out their message: click on [email protected].)

     Thanks for reading. And God bless America.

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