FLASH: Graham flags thru Kagan, "says Obama chose 'wisely'"

     Read it and weep. CBS News, Graham Supports Kagan Nomination; Says Obama Chose “Wisely”,

     “Claiming to have an obligation to honor President Obama’s choice for a new Supreme Court justice — so long as she is qualified — Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina today joined Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee in approving Elena Kagan’s nomination to the court. …
     Kagan, currently Mr. Obama’s solicitor general, has proven that she has a good character and understands the difference between serving as a politician versus serving as a judge, Graham said. President Obama chose ‘wisely’ in his nomination, he added. …”

     Hopefully something can change his mind in the next month, but for now, it looks like our Constitution and liberties are going down the toilet at jet speed.