Hatch should slam hatch on Kagan. Filibuster

     Orrin Hatch of Utah isn’t fond of Kagan–but isn’t fond of the judicial filibuster, either. Calling Senator Hatch: could one make an exception in a specially noxious case? What’s the point of being “against” Kagan if she slips through anyway?

     Those who believe in God might see some divine providence in Scott Brown’s victory which gives Republicans the weapon of a filibuster, because of the magic number 41. In the previous diary, McChrystal v. Kagan: straight talk v. schmoozery. –Filibuster, it was mentioned that the McC’s, McCain and McConnell, could be useful in preventing Elena Kagan from traipsing onto our Supreme Court and enabling Nancy Pelosi to be the Daily-Fruit-and-Vegetable-Serving-Enforcer-in-Chief.
     But if senators like Hatch disarm themselves in advance and surrender a venerable senatorial weapon like the filibuster…well, even those who dislike Robert Byrd (RIP) have to admit the old bird did respect the power of the Senate. Maybe Obama should be made to fear the power of the Senate himself, rather than just treating it as a rubber stamp.

     You can contact Hatch by telephone at (202) 224-5251, or by fax at (202) 224-6331, and let him know what you think, e.g.,

     “I want Senator Hatch to filibuster Elena Kagan, since she is bad enough that Hatch should do the right thing. This one really needs to be filibustered.”

     The more he hears from you, the better this’ll work. Save the Republic, before it’s too late.