McChrystal v. Kagan: straight talk v. schmoozery. --Filibuster

     It may be unlikely that Obama will withdraw his nomination of Elena Kagan and recommend General Stanley McChrystal for the Supreme Court seat of John Paul Stevens instead, but one can dream.
     McC, like the “other Mac”, Douglas MacArthur, had a sharpish tongue (or his aides did, at least); but then again, McChrystal didn’t plan to bomb China, he was just letting off some steam, by comparison to what MacArthur said. However, when you’re a president who needs to look “”manly”” in the oily wake of the other “Gulf War”, the unsuccessful attempt to cap the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, maybe you’ll pounce on anyone dissing you and play your Alpha Male Card.

     Kagan, on the other hand, is a little less likely to offend authority figures, maybe. See AP via the “Huffington Post”, Kagan Fundraising At Harvard Could Create Unique Ethics Questions On Supreme Court, “…To raise that kind of money, Kagan drew on interpersonal skills honed working in the highly competitive environments of the Clinton White House and law school faculties. ….”
     So, why have some hard-core hero like McChrystal running things, when you can have some unctuous schmoozer who plays well with plutocrats instead? How good that must feel for our Dear Leaders in D.C., to have Yes Women/Men instead of “troublemakers” surrounding them.

     Speaking of real heroes: John McCain (another “Mc”, or “McC”, even!) has now decided to oppose Kagan, although he says it’s because she’d lack judicial restraint. Maybe an additional problem is that sometimes she wouldn’t be restraining enough, cf. the comment from the McCain link, 

“3:32 pm July 7, 2010
Free man for now wrote:
.Kagan’s nomination should be turned down because she believes that Congress can pass a law mandating specific servings of fruits and vegetables without running afoul of the Constitution.”

     Anyway, if you want Kagan off the Court for whatever reason–and there are many–, feel free to contact yet another “McC”, Senate Minority Leader McConnell, by phone at (202) 224-2541 or fax at (202) 224-2499 (or another Republican leader of your choice), and say something like,

     “I want my Republican Senators to protect our liberty and Constitution and filibuster Elena Kagan. A smooth tongue doesn’t make a good Justice. If they’re too weak to filibuster a disgraceful candidate like Kagan, they don’t deserve reelection.”

     Recommending Stan McChrystal for the job instead is optional (and maybe rhetorical too), but do what you like.