Why Huckabee would be the last Republican I'd vote for

I’d like to see any support for Huckabee shifted over to Palin or other candidate.  I don’t see any sense in considering Huckabee after his support of Lorned Michaels of SNL.  Saturday Night Live! director Lorne Michaels gave the green light to the skit where a cast member “joked” that Todd Palin must be having sex with his daughters.  The incident proved to me, that Lorne Michaels is one of the biggest pigs in the entertainment field.

Not long after the SNL skit was aired, Mike Huckabee had Director/Pig Lorne Michaels on his show, praising Michaels up one side and down the other.  Nothing was said about the disgusting remarks aimed at the Palin family.  I wrote Huckabee’s show.  Not surprisingly, I received no reply.

Huckabee inviting Sir Pig Michaels on his show, after the lewd remarks toward the Palins, must have been an incredible ego boost for Pig Michaels.  Since appearing on the Huckabee show, Oinker Michaels has not once, but twice, given the green light for additional skits containing incest jokes targeting Todd Palin.  SNL has clearly shown itself to be a puppet station for the Obama administration, and a program devoid of any limits concerning vulgarity.

Frankly, I my jaw dropped when I saw Michaels appear on Huckabee’s show with Mike Huckabee fawning over him like he had just liberated Paris.  I was not surprised however, to see Michaels emboldened by the endorsement and subsequently release two more skits with Todd Palin as the target of incest “jokes.”

As much as a change of leadership is needed in this country, is it really so much to ask to boycott SNL, Lorne Michaels productions, and Chevy Chase movies?  Are you going to help them smear Sarah Palin in 2012 (if she runs) by keeping SNL at the top of the pro-Obama propaganda wagon?

For the umpteenth time, boycott SNL!  Do whatever you can to help pigs like Michaels and Chase into early retirement.  NOW is the time to teach them a few manners.  Not when the next campaign begins.  Same with Newsweek and The Times.  And don’t weaken a solid candidate’s chances by siphoning off support and giving it to Huckabee who cannot win.

If SNL’s ratings go in the toilet, will advertisers stay?  The Obama machine will send SNL a lot of money to keep them afloat.  For awhile.  Until the taxpayers demand a stop to it.  Strike a blow for decency.  Get everyone you can to stop viewing SNL.