Jesus was probably a pedophile

I’ve never spoken to Jesus.  I don’t know anyone who did.  I don’t know anyone who knew what he was like.  I have no basis for which to say, “Jesus was probably a pedophile.”  I would have no motive to even suggest it, unless I was in the business of being evil.  If I were evil, I would probably enjoy planting a seed of doubt, and delight in the friction and chaos it caused.  “Jesus was probably a pedophile,” is therefore, nothing more than a baseless lie.  So what?  I should be in office, not Jesus.  So, what’s a little perjury for the sake of justice?

I will admit that I am agnostic.  With so many liars on the planet, I don’t know what to believe.  But even if I didn’t believe that Jesus was the son of God, I still believe one could make a good argument that he was the greatest man to walk the earth.  Son of God, or not.  And that’s good enough for me to use Jesus as a reference point for decency.

If I were running against Jesus in a Presidential race, would it be okay for me to “joke” that he’s probably a pedophile?  Should I call Lorne Michaels and have him fit it into an SNL skit?  And if the polls aren’t going my way, perhaps an aide could have Michaels “amp it up” and have Jesus shopping for sex toys or exposing himself on the playground.  Hey, it’s comedy folks.  Ain’t it a hoot?  If the scum bags of SNL have “Comedian” listed on their income tax returns, they have a license to say anything about anyone.

The FCC doesn’t seem to mind.  And you KNOW the Obama folks were just eating it up during the Palin assassinations on SNL.  Neither a sense of decorum, nor the unspoken boundaries of gentlemen, will stop Chief Pig, Lorne Michaels.

The last thing I want to do is the wade through the gutters with Lorne Michaels.  I’d be ashamed if the GOP operated this way.  What I would like to see, is the FCC enacting rules that set bondaries for vulgar attacks on television.  Print media should take it upon themselves to do the same.  If the Huffington Pigs don’t mind the smell of their own stench, they’re not about to support and semblance of decency in print.  Blah, blah, First Amendment, blah, blah.  We need to establish how far a comedian can go.  This really needs to go to the highest court.  Not for either party.  But to provide society with some reference of decency.

I’ve never seen an Administration dive so deep into the gutter.  This is the same Obama who was going to unite the Nation?  Seems more like the term “gentleman” has gone the way of the dinosaur.  President Obama knows what’s going on.  And for a guy who uttered his famous “Enough!,”  if there was an ounce of sincerity in his disgust, you’d think he’d call Lorne Michaels and say, “Hey Lorne, enough of these vulgar jokes about the Palins.”  That’s what my father would have done as President.  You can bet the farm that’s what I’d do as President.  But will Obama muzzle his SNL Pit Bulls and reel in ACORN, or prostitute his morals for a second term?  Soon enough, we’ll see what he’s made of.