I hope the GOP is full speed ahead for 2012

**Anyone who recalls seeing Marion Barry re-elected should know that, in 2012, Barack Obama will get 95% of the black vote no matter what he does, period. No matter how many screwups are made, they will be forgiven, spun, and forgotten.

Most Democrats will forgive any flaws in Obama’s candidacy since it means they will be kept on the gravy train without doing anything.

The women will be divided between their allegiance to N.O.W., their obediance to their party, and once again, forsaking the true women’s movement to remain under the thumb of the Democratic men.

The Obama campaign was thought through. I am already hearing a structured excuse for things being bad in 2012. There are all the remarks by NBC (again) defending his administration as one who inherited this awful mess. Obviously, the real push in 2012 is going to be that no man could have straightened out such a mess.

Obama is already setting the people up for 2012 with repeated pleas for understanding that the economic crisis is too big to fix in only 4 years. And already, there are GOP staffers who are pushing a candidate, yet unnamed, by berating Palin.

**The GOP needs to get rid of the anti-Palin staffers, start raising money, and start recording every bit of data that existed the day Obama takes office. If the GOP is not already underway, vigorously planning to win in 2012, they will not.

Another thing the GOP needs to focus on the voter registration. America needs a one-registration-one-vote foolproof system. Obviously, groups who need a flawed system to enable them to cheat, are going to lobby against it with all sorts of lame reasons.

Lastly, unless the GOP hones a movement to stop media bias in 2012, expect the media, once again, to significantly support Obama. Expect NBC to berate our candidates. Expect Lorne Michaels of SNL to stoop to anything to ridicule Palin. Expect the same from the AP and The New York Times. And, expect lots of “polls” show the media coverage is fair, and that 100% of those polled love Obama and everything he did in the past 4 years. Unless the GOP begins a campaign to change this, prepare to see the media, once again, usher Obama into another 4 years. Start boycotting NBC and its programs, AP, The Times, et al, or expect to lose again in 2012.