It was a mistake for Sarah, it's a mistake for John

**Hey, I love these two candidates of ours, but what’s with this infatuation for the SNL appearances!

Look, they do everything they can to make Sarah and John look like village idiots. You KNOW the cast loathes both of them. You’re NOT going to get any NET increase of votes. And all they’re doing is making SNL and NBC stronger, and more influential, for Obama’s next election.

Frankly, after the “joke” about incest between her husband and daughters, I don’t know how Sarah could go into the same building occupied by Chief Pig, Lorne Micahels. I absolutely guarantee, I’d spit in his face the first time I saw him, if my family were the target.

Sarah and John are the subject of ridicule to SNL, a program on the Barack Obama puppet station, NBC.

It’s like being in Viet Nam and airlifting ammunition to the Viet Cong. What in the hell is wrong with this campaign staff?

Just my opinion. SNL is a pen of pigs who hide the venom behind a thin disguise they call humor. So, they think anything goes. But if you don’t want to have these people ambush our candidates again, in 4 years, you’d better put the fear of God in them. Better yet, put the fear of boycott in them. I’m pretty sure they don’t pay much attention to God.

**In 4 years, Obama will have 3 or 4 networks at his mercy. It hurt John and Sarah a lot this year. At least we’ll know better than to trust Obama on any noble remarks about campaign reform.

I used to like SNL. I used to like 30 Rock. But I can guarantee you, they won’t be on my television any more. And head pig, Lorne Michaels, has yet to offer any apology, the arrogant ass.

Label me a walking rant. But I hope no one is whining in 4 years about how SNL made our candidates a laughing stock, and NBC decided another election.

The abuse you tolerate, is the abuse you’ll have.