In case any Democrats forgot...

**Dear Gentlemen and Democrats,

I know you recall a couple of airplanes flying into a big building a few years back. Do you also remember those same cowards gloating the Americans classically lack RESOLVE?

Yeah, Bin Laden thought we’d drop a few bombs and call it even. So, Al Qaeda, how do you like us now? That was George Bush who hung in there and those are American boys, proud to serve, spanking the crap out of you. It’s taking awhile because you’ve got a lot more crap in you than we first thought.

Don’t be too cocky about our left wing berating our President. They did it in Viet Nam too. They even said we lost the war. So, all you Al Qaeda weasels, if you know what happened in Viet Nam, and we LOST war, wait until you see what it cost YOU for us to “lose” this war.

In Viet Nam, we lost 56,000 brave souls. Al Qaeda professors (oh, I made an oxymoron) will tell you that the Communists lost…get ready…here goes…


**Hey, that’s what you have in store for you when we “lose” the war. Sorry Bush stuck it to you pigs for so long. A little more “resolve” than you guys bargained for? Unfortunately, we had a President who has some nads. And hold onto to your ass if John McCain is our next President.

Better start praying for an Obama win, with our Democrats.