Tens of thousands of Michigan UAW members hoodwinked by Obama!!

**The rank and file UAW has been telling every member to support Obama because of his support for the auto industry in Michigan.

The government is very close to loaning General Motors the money they need to merge with Chrysler.

“Merge” is a very unusual term in this case. Word leaked out of GM stockholders meetings is that GM told everyone to “Relax because GM has no intention of manufacturing Chryslers.” GM wants Chryslers $6 Billion in cash to tide them through the economic crisis.

When this merger goes through, GM will be closing the Chrysler plants and 40,000 UAW Chrysler workers will go on unemployment. Expect a half million added to the unemployment roles with the UAW members, all the suppliers and their workers, restaurants, advertising, etc., ad nauseum.

The point is, the UAW is supporting Obama because he was going to protect their jobs and keep plants from closing. UAW workers are now beginning to network through the Internet so say Obama is doing nothing to help them, in direct contrast to his promise. As Obama keeps his focus on his campaign, GM and Chrysler are rapidly moving to “merge.”

**The “rich” has gone from a million a year, to $500,000 a year, to $250,000, to $200,000, to $150,000. He taxed Illinois residents that he promised not to tax. And now 40,000 workers will soon be unemployed as “Obama fiddles, while Chrysler burns.”

No one is immune from being duped by His Excellency.