Hey, Juan Williams. Take a pill. Hey, take several.

**So Obama wrapped himself in the flag and proved he is a patriot and loves America?

Man, are you daft???????????????

He lies like a rug, numbnuts! His own Pastor said he will say anything to get votes. His political views are a carbon copy of Bill Ayer’s views. Do you think he REALLY avoided talking to Ayers for hours on end, meeting after meeting? Geez, peddle that crap somewhere else. We hear this all day from the Obama camp.

Any leader worth his salt would take full responsibility for everything within his campaign. When you have tens of thousands of thugs working for you, you could get the word out not to invade Palin’s privacy. If Obama were remotely a gentleman, he would have the Palin likeness hanging in effagy taken down.

His ACORN thugs are trying to fix a national election. Then, relying on, “The best defense, is a good offense,” these maggots act like the are messengers from GOD just trying to protect the vote of the poor. Like poor goldfish, poor deceased people, poor pets, and some 100,000 convicted felons.

**He is a patriot who wraps himself in the flag? Pardon me while I fight this gag reflex I’m having. Because I saw Obama, standing in front of a flag, with his arms to his sides during the National Anthem. I also saw his friend, Bill Ayers, standing on a flag. O.K., yes, Ayers was wrapping his feet in a flag anyway.

Patriot Obama (how’s that for an oxymoron!) lied to the American public, and misrepresented himself, by claiming he did not know Jeremiah Wright was racist and a person who hated our government.

I’m sorry, Juan. Barack Obama proved NOTHING of the sort you give him credit for. Did you hear him stereotype white people by saying, “That white guy in the suburbs doesn’t want his taxes to go to help inner city kids?” Is this how Obama will “unite the Nation?” Are you dumber than a brick, or do you just go into a euphoric trance when The Messiah begins to impart his bullsh..er, wisdom to the masses?

Juan, how do you like his tax plan? The ceiling for who will pay taxes, moves like the stock market. Maybe Obama should call it his Yo-Yo Tax Plan.

Juan, how do you like Obama thugs standing outside of stores in Florida, telling the elderly to vote Obama or there will be a race riot?

How do you like Obama sending Pastor Wright taxpayer money, for which the church did not qualify? If Biden is right, and paying taxes is patriotic, Obama must be Patriot Of The Year for stealing taxpayer money and funneling it to Wright’s Church to pay for black support.

What has Obama DONE? He hasn’t done anything that I’ve seen. He’s gotten where he is, almost exclusively, by criticizing President Bush. He acts like he’s the Messiah of Economics, yet hasn’t suggested a single idea to get the economy moving.

He’s promised tax cuts that he’s already hedging on. Already, his campaign is saying Obama may not be able to deliver on all the tax cuts. Already, they’ve lowered $250,000 to $200,000. Will it soon be $150,000 like Biden let slip?

Do you think it’s healthy for a President to “own” the media? Where will we get checks and balances? How will anyone criticize the administration when journalists have now made whores of themselves? Will future assemblies meet with the firebombs planned for the RNC?

Will our privacy be invaded like Palin’s?

Mr. Williams, how will you like your children being brainwashed in public school? You know, cute little chants at first. Cute little songs praising The One. Then your son will start asking for money for his fatigue uniform he needs to “march” in school. Teachers TELL him what to write about individuals. I’m sure you kids will appreciate you going out of your way to protect them.

Obama is an actor. Clearly, he has had many long-lasting relationships, he voluntarily kept up, with people who hate America, hate whites, and hate our government. You do not associate with people when you have nothing in common with their beliefs. Tomorrow, we’ll probably hear the Obama camp say that Obama loves America. He was just undercover, researching a term paper about subversive personalties. Yeah, that’s what he was doing. Research.

The majority of “rich” people are white. Juan, do you detect the odor of Reparations hiding in the redistribution of wealth?

His half hour did nothing but stroke his own ego and whip his “subjects” into a frenzied tournament of pocket pool. He piles lie on lie. He acts like a gentleman and treats Palin like a dog. He says he respects John McCain, then shows photos of him recovering from Cancer surgery. When words are contradicted by actions, actions point toward lies.

He chose a Vice President who tells one whopper after another. Remember how Biden’s helicopter was forced when fired upon? Uh, oh…whopper alert. SNOW forced Biden’s helicopter to land. Obama isn’t allergic to lies, or people around him lying. And they think Sarah couldn’t be V.P. Oh, that’s a good one. Can you imagine the Gaffe Machine (a.k.a., bullshit artist) Biden talking to Putin? The Obama campaign must be pulling their hair out every time Biden opens his yap.

How many contacts did Obama initially say he had with Ayers? A dozen. Then we discovered 10 more. Then the Los Angeles Times video tape surfaces, and there’s Obama with Ayers and his wife, again. Then there were a few accidental run-ins on the sidewalk….20, 25…30.

Did you know that Obama was the only one to leave Wright’s church after the Wright videos surfaced? Williams, does this set off ANY alarms in your head? Does it occur to you that Obama left the church for political reasons?

Mr. Williams, do you know your “patriot” Obama has flags of Che Guevera, Argentine Marxist and anarchist, in 2 of his campaign offices? Perhaps you mean he’s a patriot, for, say, China? Sure isn’t for America.

Hey, how about that lie to take public campaign funds? Is that the “wrap himself in the American flag,” or the “patriot thingy?” You got me stumped on that one.

Oh, yeah. That half hour Obamathon really changed my mind. I saw him wrap himself in the American flag, alright. He’s a real dyed-in-the-wool patriot which is why he explained why he would NOT wear an American flag lapel pin, until someone said, “Psssst. Obama. Here, wear this. It’ll get you votes.”