Why the Marxist label for Obama is NOT over the line

**Questioning Barack Obama’s political views that smell like Marxism is not out of line.

Let’s have a quick discussion on some things that even the right-wing media missed. The reason even Bill O’Reilly said Obama’s political position should not be colored Marxist, is because even O’Reilly was looking at a single point.

To analyze Obama’s political position, we have to look at the totality of his ideas. Equally competent, we often look at a totality of an argument to analyze the validity of a claim within it. In other words, does the totality of your assessment validate the factors within it? It should work both ways.

I believe that the Marxist label has not been proven, but also, it has not been excluded by any means. We cannot say a person is Marxist because one of his ideas resembles a Marxist platform. But looking at it in context, can warrant a different response. The Marxist label is not proven while standing on its own. But what if it were looked at ALONG with the following:

Barack Obama’s signature on gun control legislation which his campaign is calling “fake.”

The 7-yr. old radio interview recording, in Obama’s own voice, which his campaign says is “fake.”

**The persistent references to government-run programs that will control the distribution of wealth.

The Obama camp class warfare.

The Obama media virtually turning its back on the invasion of privacy relative to Sarah Palin’s e-mail.

The assault on the free speech of Joe the Plumber and the subsequent invasion of his private records to discredit him.

Threatening the freedom of Assembly by Obama supporters who threatened to kidnap RNC delegates and firebomb the site.

This is a very small portion of the assaults on personal freedom, and the U.S. Constitution, perpetrated by Obama followers. And within context, the Marxist label appears to be a very valid question.

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