My heroes of the 2008 campaign

**I don’t know if I can express my admiration, for a black American, in 2008, that is not voting for Barack Obama.

Imagine. You were slaves for 100 years. Then, Lincoln freed the slaves, and you were “just” treated like sub-human. Then there was the struggle over Civil Rights, and a lot in between. You waited through 43 white Presidents to have your day.

And along comes the Messiah, and you don’t vote for him. Unbelievable. Bravo.

Although I’m white, I was with you. All things being equal, I would have enjoyed the healing effect of a President from any minority. But not this guy. I want to improve our Democracy, not displace it with Socialism.

I know this sounds soooooo patronizing, but I thank every black American who is not voting for Obama and his brigade of thugs.

I wish we had the time and money to have a hundred American blacks, explain why they can avoid the Irresistable Force, and still be the Immovable Object. One at a time, in their own words.

Seriously, I tip my hat to you, for loving this country so much, that you would pass on the black candidate you waited so very long to see.

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