John McCain has a zero chance to be our next President

**John McCain’s chance of being our next President is zero. Unless the GOP has a much bigger set of clock weights than they’ve shown so far. This idea will take some real nerve and a lot of people who think outside the box.

It cannot be sugar coated or toned down. Being “toned up” is the whole idea. This idea has got to have passion and conviction unlike anything the Obama camp generated. It is a very new approach but uses time-tested data and ideas.

Here is what I propose that will make or break the election of 2008:

If I were delivering the following argument, I would not make any attempt to conceal my rage. I would probably not be able to keep from spitting while I spoke, or keep my ears from glowing a bright red. And I couldn’t care less.

I’d call a spade a spade, a lie a lie, and bullshit as bullshit. In the face of being called “desperate” 50 times, they’d get the message a 51st time. Look, they call everything desperate. They mock everything, and everyone, anyway.

**The left wing is a camp of thugs, and that’s what I’d call them. If Obama is the leader he thinks he is, then the buck stops there. He is in control. He is the candidate. He chose his advisers and he hired his campaign. How is he going to be President if he can’t even control a campaign? How is he going to be a good President if he doesn’t even take responsibility for his own staff and followers? He doesn’t speak to every individual zealot. But he does set up the atmosphere. He does set the “flavor” of his campaign.

The GOP is way overdue to tell the public that Barack Obama has lied to them. The GOP cannot just imply, they must say, point blank, that Obama lied to all Americans when he said he did not know of the hatred of his Pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

The Obama campaign is the dirtiest, most corrupt campaign ever unleashed. Like the left wing, it is also run by thugs. And there is no other word that says it better.

The Obama camp makes sure that it does not appear that the negative ads came from Barack Obama. He keeps his hands clean while his henchmen do the dirty work. Then, Obama acts as though these are rogues creating havoc without his blessing.

Barack Obama is bringing much more Socialism than just economics. He is bringing with him, an environment of fear. His campaign makes veiled threats of impending race riots if Obama does not win. His followers stand outside of malls and stores in Florida shouting out threats, attempting to scare the elderly into voting Obama, or not at all.

Joe the Plumber embarrasses Obama by asking a simple question. Obama henchmen invade his privacy. Left wing media intimidates and harrasses him. Public officials violate the trust of their office to invade the man’s records.

The Obama campaign sends 30 investigators to Alaska to look only for ways to embarrass a candidate for Vice President of the United States.

The son of a Democrat attempts to explain away a felony of hacking Sarah Palin’s e-mail as though it was just a childish prank.

ACORN destroys any perception that America holds honest elections by submitting tens of thousands of fraudulent voter registrations. The left wing liberals hide behind the Constitution as a way of keepin America from initiating a national voter registration identification. The left wing of this country don’t want a national voter registration identification because it would hamper their efforts to register dead people and goldfish as voters. And in polling places that do not ask for an I.D., there will be a lot of goldfish voting this year.

I would point out that the media has been an Obama satellite campaign team. I’d point out how the AP, NBC, The Times, and other media have destroyed the fabric and credibility of journalism. I would call it a blatant lie that NBC claims they have fair coverage, when the Today Show celebrities are in Michigan handing out Obama material without a single bit of McCain material. NBC is an Obama puppet station. They claim to have as much coverage on McCain as they do of Obama. They failure to mention that all of the McCain coverage is negative and hostile. They are still whining about Palin’s wardrobe!

Obama commands NBC to humiliate McCain and Palin, and to steer clear of making fun of him. It is a Socialist government that has the media in its pocket. And that’s as dangerous as it gets. They assualt free speech by doing everything in their power to discredit Joe the Plumber because he embarrassed their leader. And Socialists don’t like people criticizing their leadership.

Obama has said virtually nothing about Palin’s e-mail being hacked. Failing to do so is clearly a tacit admission that he is not bothered by it. He has made no announcement to call the dogs off of Joe the Plumber. Has he said, “This is not what the American people want to talk about,” when it comes to Palin’s wardrobe?

If there is nothing to hide, can Obama explain why his campaign has muzzled Wright, Pfleger, Farrakhan, Rezko, and Ayers?

Can Obama explain why he wants to take handguns away from Americans? Is his campaign lying about his signature because they don’t want to tip off the gun owners in America? What is the first thing that Socialists, Marxists, and Fascists go after? Your guns.

What American needs to understand is that it seems all well and good to root for your side. What is not good, is that once in power, your usefulness expires. By the time you start to say, “Those people were right about him,” your guns are gone, you are threatened when you speak, you are afraid to assemble, and your privacy is a thing of the past.

Do you realize that Barack Obama has done absolutely NOTHING for you? All he’s done is criticize the Bush administration and say McCain is Bush. He has half-baked Socialist ideas for the economy and the country. You aren’t the least bit concerned about losing your guns, your freedom to speak and assemble, and your right to privacy? Do you want Ayers educational tactics brainwashing your kids in school? Do you want this horde of teachers Obama promised to pass along “Kill your parents” they got from Bill Ayers. If Obama does bring many teachers into the system, who do you think those teachers will obey? Isn’t it bad enough our government will be left wing without having our schools be left wing?

The GOP needs to say this. They need to yell it out. Say it, listen to the mocking claims of “desperation,” then say it again. Let them talk about “negative ads,” and air another one just like it. We know what they’re programmed to say. So what. Pull Bob Beckels string, and you know what he’ll say. So? Same with asses like Keith Olbermann. So what.

This is no time to be dainty. This is no time to be afraid of accusations of being negative. You know 99% of the people saying they think McCain is negative, are Democrats or moles anyway.

We need speakers and campaign staff who will absolutely rail and rant on the crap the Obama camp has been pulling. There is no time to pussyfoot. I’m talking about campaign stops and interviews that are nothing shy of scorched earth. This will gain the attention it needs. Much of it will be reported on mainstream media. Good. Let the people decide.

If you look at the projected electoral votes, you know John McCain has virtually zero chance of winning in November. To get the game changer that’s needed, we need to get out the message that after the economy stabilizes, the United States will be at the mercy of thugs who have shown an absolute disdain for your rights and personal freedoms. Look down the road, people. Down the road.

I believe anything short of this will find the Obamas measuring for drapes. Put all these dirty tricks of theirs back in their faces. And find the fiercest speaker on the planet to deliver it.

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