I never did understand why the GOP did not do this......

**Hammering on Barack Obama’s relationships was spot on. But the strategy failed when the Obama camp simply kept saying, “So what?” Voters were infected and they began to say, “So what?” I would have had the best shrinks on the planet on every ad I could afford, explaining WHY were are concerned with a person’s relationships. America never got the connection. They didn’t, or chose not to, see the danger. Educate them.

They way I have attacked it was to ask parents why they lie to their children. That lie is telling your kids “Birds of a feather….,” and “Show me who your friends are, and I’ll show you who you are,” but then showing them it does NOT apply to Barack Obama. There should be experts on to explain why people choose to associate with the people they do. Ask the American public how they can be so concerned with the people their kids hand out with, but act as though that couldn’t possible apply to Barack Obama. This was a good and valid attack on Obama’s character, but the McCain camp stopped short at a critical point.

Another example where the GOP stopped short, was labeling Obama’s economic policy as Socialist. Okay? Uh, is there MORE? Does anyone feel we should EXPLAIN what that means to Joe Average? The Obama camp, once more, almost has people saying, “Well, what’s wrong with Socialism?” My God, just calling an economic plan Socialistic has virtually no impact. What has impact is the characteristic, very slow growth of any Socialist economy. What has impact, is proving that we will not pay off the Bailout in any of our lifetimes. Impact is showing the public that Socialism will mean giving bill for the Bailout to the next 2 or 3 generations of our children. It means discouraging entrepreneurs. It means creating an environment that will not encourage vision and invention. Vision and inventions lead to products, products lead to companies, companies provide JOB. Now, THAT would mean something to me. Yes, he’s rolling out Socialism, but tell the public what that MEANS!!!!!!!**

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