How far has Ayers come since he was bombing the Pentagon?

**For Bill Ayers, it’s been a very short journey from the 1960s to 2008. In fact, he has had to change only 3 letters in his resume in 40-some years.

In the 60s, it read: “Makes Bombs”

In 2008, it reads: “Makes Bombers”

Yes, the Professor has passed the torch and decided to cultivate bombers instead of being one. I was thinking about this ironic twist when something else about Bill Ayers occurred to me.

The Obama campaign keeps Michelle and Biden off the beaten path where they’ll do the least harm. Obama’s camp has also muzzled Farrakhan, Pfleger, Wright, and Rezko, in addition to Ayers.

How is it that all of these men decided, at the same time, to drop off the edge of the planet? Where did they go? WHY did they go? Okay, the Obama camp told them to shut their yaps as they were hurting the campaign.

Now here’s the rub where Ayers is concerned. We’ve all heard Obama plead ignorance of Ayers’ politics. Listening to him, you’d think they can’t even remember the other’s name. So, why is it that Ayers is silent? Why is he helping Obama if they have no relationship?

Who’s telling Ayers to keep a low profile? WHY is Ayers obeying the Obama campaign when he had such a superficial relationship with him? This sounds like something you do for a family member, friend, or political ally. Did Obama give the gag order personally? Why would he even have his staff contact Ayers if there was nothing to their relationship?

Just the fact that the Obama campaign is in contact with Ayers implies far more than Obama has lead everyone to believe.

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