What happened, ladies?

**All this talk about glass ceilings, respect, and equal pay. This big movement. How did the women of America let it fizzle out?

N.O.W.’s belief in women’s rights turned out to be a belief in pro-choice women’s rights. This pretty much cuts your movement in half.

That half was cut in half when the remaining women decided that the struggle for equality should be a struggle for the equality of female Democrats.

Others felt that they wouldn’t support Palin unless they learned she was a closet lesbian.

Blondes hate the brunettes. Full-figured women don’t like the skinny ones. Those who feel they’re not pretty don’t like the pretty ones. And the gals in the trailer park plot against the ladies in the country club.

Small wonder you have been so easy to control and keep under thumb. Men present a united front “knowing” that women cannot make decisions for themselves. No matter what class, education level, favorite football team, or the decor of the board room, men band together to make sure women don’t get too uppity and try running things.

**So, you ladies keep dreaming up ways to sabotage your own struggle. Much to the delight of the good ole boys network. And, if you like Barack Obama to refer to you as “Sweetie.”

Do you “guys” really want to get anywhere in this lifetime? Then band together. After you “arrive” you’ll have the luxury of competing against a woman for CEO instead of janitor. Then you can be as ruthless as you want. But currently, you are displaying the ease at which one can divide and conquer you.

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