If it wins the White House, what's the big deal in setting Americans against each other?

**Thanks so much for posting the You Tube video of Obama and “the white guy in the suburbs who doesn’t want to pay taxes……”

That quote, in his voice, needs to be overlaid on the text, “Not only did he lie to you, not only did he know exactly what Jeremiah Wright was like, but Barack Obama clearly practices what he heard from Pastor Wright during those 20 years.”

John McCain needs to jump all over this. We’ve always known Obama sat in those pews for 20 years and listened to the racist messages from Pastor Wright. I hope there is no actual “white guy in the suburbs” who doesn’t want to pay his taxes so inner city kids arent’ helped. I hope “he” was invented. Because that says Obama is using a STEREOTYPE.

So, Hussein Obama, is there a white guy in the suburbs, or are you spewing out learned stereotypes? Are you going to dodge this question until November 5th?