They were great ideas. Now put them all together!

**Don’t use some of these. Use them ALL. Air it again and again. Remind everyone. B. Hussein, try this on for size:

Since Barack Obama lied to the taxpayers of Illinois, is he prone to lie to you?

Barack Obama had to consult with a backer who GAVE him his opinion not to enter the war.

Since Barack Obama lied about knowing the character of Jeremiah Wright, would he lie about what he knew about Bill Ayers?

If Pator Wright’s church is Christian, why did they nominate Muslim, Luis Farrakhan as their “Man of the Year?”

**If NBC is neutral, why did the “Today” show tour Michigan handing out only Obama-Biden stickers, banners, and literature?

If the Democrats looked the other way when Sarah Palin’s e-mail was invaded, are YOU next?

If Bill Ayers disciples were going to firebomb the Republican National Convention, is YOUR assembly next?

If “Bob the Plumber” had been attacked by left-wing media because he spoke his mind, are YOU next?

If Pastor Jeremiah Wright proclaimed Barack Obama is a “Politician who will say anything for a vote,” do you know better than his mentor?

Is Johm McCain THAT far behind, or are the left-wing pollsters working to get the vote of those who jump on the winner’s bandwagon?

If High School is going to have our youth marching around in fatigues, saluting Barack Obama, are you CERTAIN that you kid won’t be in that line some day?

If teachers are ordering high school kids to write against their beliefs, will the brainwashing soon start on YOUR kid?

If your neighbors want their children to perform Hari Krishna-like recitals, will your neighbors make any effort to recruit YOUR kids?

If Luis Farrakhan annoints B. Hussein as the Messiah, do you think the Obama administration will hinder, or help the militant Black Muslims to expand?

If Obama movement is making every effort to defraud YOU from a free election, how sophisticated do you think the same movement will be in 4 more years?

If Obama was General Counsel for ACORN, how deep do you think any ACORN investigation is going to go?

If Obama received one half-billion campaign dollars, how likely do believe it is, that we will see any campaign reform in 4 years?

**If Ted Kennedy can drive over a bridge and kill his passenger without it being investigated, what else can Democrats hide from us?

Would you REALLY prefer to admire how Barack Obama handles a conflict, or have John McCain AVOID the conflict?

Why is it that B. Hussein refuses to provide his medical records? Hospitalization for drug use? A notation of a Muslim tattoo? Listing Muslim as his religion in case of emergency? A chronic illness that could prevent him from serving 4 years?

If Barack Obama lied about his desire to take public funds, is he likely to advocate any campaign reform in the future?

If a President cannot even place his hand over his heart during the National Anthem, how will America fight a war when patriotism has become passe?

I believe the GOP needs to run the “machine gun” ads until Nov. 4th. I believe that the message should be “Okay, you were all “gung ho” for Obama, and “Change” and all that. But you are on thin ice when it takes the invasion of YOUR privacy, creating fear in the right for YOU to assemble, creates fear for YOU to speak out. If Barack Obama has spoken out against Wright, Ayers, Rezko, and Farrakhan’s actions, why he so much LIKE them?

“What luck for rulers, that men do not think**” Adolph Hitler

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