The McCain campaign inciting violence

**According to the Democrats, John McCain’s campaign’s campaign is inciting violence because a few in the audience, rightfully upset a Socialist with ties to violent people may come to control America, yell out from the stands.

The Democrats take the high ground by showing us their hands are clean of such unAmerican behavior. Like Bill Ayers knack for building bombs? Or is it Luis Farrakhan, anti-Semite, annointing Barack Hussein Obama as the Messiah? Perhaps it was Obama’s supporters who planned to kidnap RNC delegates and fire bomb whatever they could sight in on. Maybe its Obama sitting in the pews for 20 years listening to racist accusations against whites, or how the U.S. unleashed AIDS on the black population? I would have sworn that Pastor Wright had his congregation whipped into a frenzy of standing ovations, applause, laughter, fist pumps, and cheering while he was what? “Inciting peace?”

I have said, time after time, that people do NOT know about Barack Obama because they listen and read “mainstream.” The Obama-Ayers connection WOULD make a difference, IF more than 10% of the Democrats knew anything about it.

A dangerous man, with Socialist views, and violent and racist friends, is going to be controlling the United States if we can’t get the message out. It’s not so much “what,” but rather, “how” or “where.” Our few allies in the media, conservative radio, and FOX, are not getting to the liberal homes.

THAT’s what needs to be rectified before election day.