My one defining moment

**I wondered what it would be if I had one one thing I could say, or one thing I could display, that I feel sums up the candidates of 2008.

Nothing too defining about John McCain. Every photo of him is with Sarah Palin smiling, or John standing in a sea of American flags, or angry people in the crowds. All good, but not my #1.

I thought about the photo of Bill Ayers, proudly standing on an American flag placed on the ground. Great photo, but turns out, few people actually know about the Obama-Ayers connection.

So, I’ve settled on the dork that nominated Obama, Hillary, and the Messiah himself.

Two of the people in the photo have their right hand over their heart. There is a huge flag in the background. It is documented that the National Anthem was being played as the photo was taken.

**In the forefront stands Barack Hussein Obama. His hands are to his sides. A candidate for the office of President of the United States. With his hands to his sides, during the National Anthem.

I have looked at his expression in detail, and at length. His expression reminds me of something. Have you ever seen a boy at the table during Thanksgiving dinner, who can’t wait for “Grace” to be finished so he can dig into the mashed potatoes?

That’s just what this photo reminds me of. Like a man, for whom patriotism is not only passe, but unwarranted. A man who feels uncomfortable even in participating in the “charade” to the point where he has to feign the respect to even come to his feet.

This is my defining moment of 2008. And now YOU know, the exact moment when JUMPEDSHIP, knew he had to jump ship.

What’s your moment? Maybe a collage of our favorite, or most notorious moments, should be our slide show for the 2008 election.