Do candidates fill out an application for President?

**I have never heard this discussed before, but isn’t there a formal proceeding where you have to file papers to “apply” to be a candidate for President?

I should think there would be some kind of affidavit where you swear you do not associate with felons, or enemies of the United States. Was Obama officially cleared as having been born in the U.S.?

Just hoping there is some kind of Constitutional, or other challenge, that can be made. With the extreme efficiency of his campaign’s gag orders to their surrogates, it seems like the only people who could get anything on Obama, not just in a dirty tricks sense, would be the F.B.I.

Have you noticed how quiet Farrakhan has been from the national limelight, when he’s not annointing Obama as the Messiah? What do you think they promised Wright to disappear until election day? Bill Ayers has a big mouth in the classroom but a first class weasel when it comes to explaining why he’s still standing on American flags. Rezko is squealing on everyone except Obama. All of the guys Obama snorted coke with are silent. Michelle Obama has backed into the shadows. And the human gaffe machine, Joe Biden, has been given any assignment not covered by the media. Even Father Pfleger has shut up.

I would like to see the GOP run more soundbites where the Democrats are criticizing Obama. The ones from the Democratic nomination process. And why don’t they run Pastor Wright, over and over, proclaiming that Barack Obama is “a politician who will say whatever he needs to say to win an election?”